Lest We Forget, It’s Minnesota Vikings Week

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Minnesota Vikings fan

The Green Bay Packers will play the biggest bunch of mouth breathers and sheep fuckers in the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings this week. How could we forget this monumental clash of titan and failed abortion?

Well, we haven’t. It’s just that the Vikings and their inbred fans aren’t even fun to make fun of anymore. Who could take the fun out of fun? Only a Minnesota Vikings fan.

That being said, we want you fully lathered up for this weekend’s game. So here are some of our greatest hits from the past couple seasons.

Oh, and what do you call a Minnesota Viking with a Super Bowl ring?

A thief.

  • Vikings Fans Being Vikings Fans, Again (link)
  • Minnesota Vikings: Champions! (link)
  • Adrian Peterson’s Mugshot (link)
  • Vikings Fullback Arrested for DWI at McDonald’s (link)
  • Highlights of New Vikings Stadium (link)
  • Jared Allen Like Touching Other Dudes’ Junk (link)
  • You Stay Classy, Minnesota (link)
  • Vikings Fan Runs His Mouth, Gets What He Deserves (link)
  • Are Packers Oblivious to the Threat Growing in Minnesota? (link)

And finally, the always classic…

10 Reasons We Hate Vikings Fans (link)

Please stick around, as there will be some Vikings fans trolling this blog that you’ll be able to make fun of.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

10 Comments on "Lest We Forget, It’s Minnesota Vikings Week"

  1. TyKoSteamboat

    Amazing how this shitty organization has dead moths & cob webs in their trophy-case yet tey still talk down to Packer fans.

    We own these bitches.

    Skol ViQueens? We are gona sweep these bitches (again) this season.

  2. DevilDon

    It almost feels like kicking a puppy to talk poorly about this sad franchise.
    Oh what the hell….
    They can’t even get a rivalry right, they’re not the Bears. Maybe the fucking Lie-ins will form a rivalry with you. You have to have a professional football team first.

  3. Purple Pride

    The National media still has not forgotten how tasteless the Packers fans are the call that didnt go their way in the Seattle game and they wouldnt let it go. Then they get a favorable call the following week to take points off the board against the Saints at the end of the game to win by 2. Cant wait to see how Packers fan react when Rodgers decides to come out of the closet.

  4. BD Swingin'

    What does a Vikings fan do after his team wins the Super Bowl?
    Shuts off his Xbox and goes to bed.

    Purple Pride go eat some more Hormel Chili and go troll elsewhere.

    • E. Wolf

      Hormel Chili–I want to force feed these vikings pukes with puppy chow, followed by a big jug of Liquid Draino.
      My hatred of that team and everthing it stands for is a veritable pyschosis. I feel like I am coming down with the rage virus from 28 Days Later when I even think about the Vikings.

  5. Pack Lethal

    Purple Pride talks out of both sides of his hormel chilly filled mouth. I guarantee he is the first one to bitch about the calls in the Brent Favre fuckaroo NFC championship game in 09. Remember that game Purple Pride?

  6. Kozak

    And the always classic You Tube, ” Viking Fans React to Favres Interception in NFC Championship 2009″

  7. Landfill

    And the Pack fans crying bloody murder around the world after the Seahawks game. All fans complain guys.

    • E. Wolf

      The Fail Mary was absolutely the worse call ever–proven wrong by INTROVERTIBLE photo evidence and upheld by breakdown of procedure by scab replacement refs.
      Don’t like us complaining about getting jobbed by this? THEN FUCK YOU! FUCK OFF AND DIE!

  8. Pack Lethal

    Then Trent Dilfer is a Packer fan, Landfill. He was beside himself on that call all night. So were millions of non-Packer fans. Vikings fans can throw out all the insults in the world but they can’t take away the 4 Superbowl championships. Fucking goobers.

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