Jay Cutler Likes Your Silly Memes, Internet Kids

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This just might make you shit yourself. Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler displaying… what was that? A little personality?

Cutler was talking to worst-color-man-ever Phil Simms and I’m-not-smarmy, I-just-look-smarmy Cris Collinsworth on Inside the NFL. Of course they asked him what he thought about everyone making fun of him on the Interweb.

Apparently, Cutler has had a chuckle at stuff like Smokin’ Jay Cutler. He says as much around the 4:35 mark of this video. We wonder if he had a similar chuckle at the gravy boat we sent him.

By the way, nice hat. Must be cold indoors there.

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  1. the real russ letlow

    If you can’t laugh at “Smokin’ Jay Cutler”, then there is something wrong with your funny bone….. even if you are Jay Cutler, and may or may not be smokin’…………still a douche bag though……although that needs no clarification on this site……….

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