Good Thing the Packers Have a Bye Next Week

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Usually I hate the Green Bay Packers bye week. I mean, what am I supposed to do on Sunday? Get drunk watching the San Diego Chargers play some sub-standard brand of football, while CBS makes me look at shots of Norv Turner‘s grotesque face?

Hell no!

It’s a lost weekend. Usually…

This year, the Packers need their bye week and it really can’t get here fast enough. Half the team is injured. While some of those injuries are fairly substantial and long-term (Charles Woodson and Greg Jennings), others are the type of injuries that just need a little rest (Jordy Nelson, Sam Shields, Nick Perry, etc.).

All the injuries have the Packers playing Chargers-esque sub-standard football, which you saw last week. Thankfully, Jacksonville was in town, so it didn’t matter. This week, Arizona is in town, so it probably won’t matter again.

That being said, watching the Packers JV squad play isn’t really all that fun. This isn’t preseason, but it looks like that’s what’s going to happen again on Sunday.

Perry and Shields have been ruled out. We know Jennings and Woodson are out. Jordache hasn’t practiced yet this week and could miss his second straight game. And today, Jerron McMillian didn’t practice.

The Packers are wounded and they need some rest. They need some players back on the field so they can return to the team that dominated Houston and pounded St. Louis, not the uninterested bunch that bumbled their way to a win over the worst team in the league.

So bring on the bye!

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6 Comments on "Good Thing the Packers Have a Bye Next Week"

  1. iltarion

    Story of the year so far has been – Injuries.

    The Packers have now added at least Jerel Worthy to their list of OUT players, and perhaps Jerron McMillian as well.

    The one week rest for the Packers is no magical elixir and doesn’t guarantee that ANY of these guys will be back immediately afterwards. Remember, none of these guys- Shields, Perry, Nelson, Kuhn- have even made one practice since their injury.

    We already know Jennings and Woodson won’t be back until weeks later. Whether the Packers are still in a good position when those guys get back is a question that remains to be answered.

    The Cardinals might be more banged up than the Packers, at least on offense, but their defense appears to be getting healthier. And it is a better outfit than the Jaguars have.

    This is another good test for Aaron Rodgers, to see if he can get this offense to overcome its issues and execute. WIth all the injuries on defense, the Cardinals WILL score some points.

  2. Agree completely. We are so injury depleted we are indeed playing the jayvee squad. Result? We weren’t really a better football team than last week’s opponent or this week’s either. Absolutely hate seeing Nelson out again; when healthy, he may be the NFL’s best receiver. Tougher games ahead after the bye. I don’t know how we can expect to compete with so many starters on the shelf.

    • Phatgzus

      Love Jordy as well, but he is not the NFL’s best receiver, he’s not even the best on the team; top 10 receiver undoubtedly, number 1, no way.

  3. the real russ letlow

    effin aye, man! I’ll watch Packers games that I recorded and let the real team take a week off. I gotta think Perry, Shields, Worthy, Kuhn & Nelson should all be ready to go in two weeks. That would get us rollin in the right direction for the rest of the season!

  4. If we can gut out a win sunday, get to 6-3 at the bye, I think all of this will make this team tough through the last seven games. We should be getting alot of these guys back and if we can aviod further injuries, I like our chances of making a deep run in the playoffs

  5. Phatgzus, I respectfully disagree. If you say Nelson is “not even the best on the team,” I assume you’re referring to Jennings. But Jennings is not currently “on” the team, and may not be again for some long time. Before Nelson went down, he was having a season so spectacular as to rank him at the very top of the NFL receivers, if not THE top. But it’s only one guy’s opinion, and it wouldn’t surprise me if others differ.

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