Fortune May Be Smiling on Packers

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JJ Watt brings down Jay Cutler

Actually, that’s an overstatement. With all the injuries, fortune is certainly not smiling on the Green Bay Packers. However, they have a golden opportunity to take over the NFC North lead this weekend, thanks, we guess, to some good fortune.

If the Packers can handle the Detroit Lions on Sunday, they’ll be 7-3. Frankly, after the turds known as the Minnesota Vikings handled Detroit last week, the Packers SHOULD be able to do the same.

Meanwhile, the division-leading Chicago Bears travel to San Francisco to face the 49ers. That’s a tough game no matter what, but it’s now been confirmed that quarterback Jay Cutler will sit out with a concussion.

That means the Bears will have Jason Campbell under center against one of the NFL’s best defenses. If last week’s performance in the Bears’ 13-6 loss to Houston is any indication, Campbell will fail to move the offense and the Bears will lose.

A loss would be the Bears second in a row and drop them to 7-3. Since the Packers beat the Bears in their first matchup this season (a 23-10 thrashing in week two), the Packers would command their own destiny for the NFC North title.

So, you’re a 49ers fan this week.

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4 Comments on "Fortune May Be Smiling on Packers"

  1. Iltarion

    Bears are certainly in trouble, but considering the Rams should have beaten the 49ers last week, I wouldn’t write that win in yet.

    Also, the Packers have their own game to worry about. The Vikings may have swept the Lions, but they were able to pressure Stafford, who did his usual stink it up for 3 quarters. If the Packers can’t get to Stafford and LeShoure has some success running, then the Packers could have issues with Detroit.

    This is virtually a must win game for D-troi.

    With all their injuries on defense, D-troi is vulnerable on defense, and the Packer offense should be able to control the game and put pressure on the Lion offense. However, with no Bulaga and coming off the bye, how will the Packer offense look? We will see.

  2. Mark

    The Packers already control their own destiny. No matter what the Bears do, if the Packers win their games, they win the division.

  3. buddy

    The Giants are the only real contender left on the schedule. Everyone else is a pretender hoping for poor play and miscues by the Packers.

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