Aaron Rodgers Engaged? Sorry Ladies…

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Aaron Rodgers engaged to Destiny Newton?

Remember when we showed you those photos of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers watching football with girlfriend Destiny Newton (pics, more pics) in Mississippi over the weekend? Well, the plot has thickened.

There’s now some photographic evidence where Newton looks to be sporting a gigantic ring on a very specific finger.

Yes, the ring finger.

Although Rodgers hasn’t (and probably won’t) speak to the matter, there have been rumors of said engagement swirling around. Is this confirmation of it?

We wouldn’t say that until we hear it from the man himself, but by the look of it, Rodgers is off the market. Sorry ladies…

(Via Busted Coverage)

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13 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Engaged? Sorry Ladies…"

  1. buddy

    Bleacher report has the Pack at #1 in the Power rankings. That never boads well for us. Let’s hope his “fiance” doesn’t mess with his head.

    • Iltarion

      Well, the fact that she isn’t a celebrity helps.

      Props to him for marrying the “girl next door” if that indeed is what happens.

      He is about the perfect age for it. About time. Then comes kids.

  2. MadCity Packer Fan

    Maybe it’s one a dem pROMise rings. Some chicks just wear them to pretend they’re married…who knows and who cares! The bye week if over! That is all that matters dammit!

  3. Jonathan

    Surpised DD hasn’t been over here saying some smart ass comment.

    Although he’s probably at home crying…

  4. David

    Just as long as he doesn’t wear that Creamsickle tux to the wedding. That disaster needs not to be repeated.

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