Where the Packers Release Jermichael Finley

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Jermichael Finley

What would we ever do without our favorite whipping boy? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves since someone suggested the Green Bay Packers could release tight end Jermichael Finley in March.

The mercurial one signed a two-year contract on the eve of free agency this past offseason. The deal pays Finley $5.75 million this season and $8.25 million next season. Forgot for a second that Finley’s play isn’t earning either of those amounts. He’s due a $4.45 million roster bonus in March.

That gives the Packers an easy out if they want to part ways with their outspoken, underperforming tight end. Releasing Finley then not only wipes the roster bonus off the books, but the entire $8.25 million Finley probably won’t earn next year.

If the Packers end up keeping Finley through March, well, then we all get to bitch about him for another year. You don’t make a $4 million investment in a player you don’t plan on keeping around.

This season, Finley has 24 catches for 210 yards and a touchdown. His 8.8 yards per catch average is, uh… below par. Oh, and he leads the team in drops, unfulfilled potential and blaming other people for his shitty play.

How that’s worth $8 million, I’m not sure.

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19 Comments on "Where the Packers Release Jermichael Finley"

    • Savage57

      What’s the trade value of a locker room cancer in today’s NFL? I think the Packers may have waited too long to be able to trade this guy for anything more than a low draft pick.

      Big mouth, bad hands, bad attitude, soft – what’s to like about this guy?

  1. TyKoSteamboat

    We also have contracts coming up for Matthews, Rodgers & Jennings…
    Hopefully all those endorsements are paying them well so that the front office catches a break.

  2. nurseratchett

    I know a lot about football, but not a lot about the contracts & financial issues. Isn’t there a team out there we could trade with & actually get something back out of this fail?

  3. buddy

    Jordy has 32 catches 410 yards and 4 td’s.
    Cobb has 29 catches 346 yards and 1td.
    Jones has 23 catches 270 yards and 7 td’s.

    Finley has 24 catches 210 yards 1td and a piss poor attitude.

    Tom Crabtree might be a better candidate at TE with 5 catches 111 yards and 2 td’s. That’s pretty decent considering his limited playing time.

    • Kristofer from Oshkosh

      you also have to consider what type of plays tom crabtree plays in. He is considered thier best blocking TE so they use him on a lot of trick plays because he is usually blocking.

      • #GetItRightRoger

        No shit Kris! Plus Defenses are not worried about Crabtree, because he’s not expected to get the ball. Once hes expected to be a targeted receiver, it will only take a lesser LB to cover him, he won’t be drawing much attention. It’ll be a different story.

  4. Steve

    I agree, instead of the talk about trading Jennings, trade Finley. That and forcing Driver to retire could save us enough $$ to help pay for Rodgers, Jennings and Raji.

  5. iltarion

    I have been saying the same thing all year. You save $8 million on Finley and $2 million on Driver next season, and you have the money to pay Jennings.

    I believe the writing is already on the wall. Finley could probably benefit from a change in scenery and is angling for a release.

    Barring a miraculous turnaround, there is no way the Packers pay Finley that bonus in March.

    • Stephen

      Well, Driver will most likely be gone next season. I think TT knows he got that exact scenario in mind if needs to play it.

      However, how can they release Finley next year if he has a two year contract? Is there some kind of release clause. I didn’t get that part.

  6. Stephen

    The guy should be traded for anything. The packers are pretty deep at tight end. DJ WIlliams was picked up quietly a couple drafts ago. He was one of the best pass catching tight ends in college before he left. Not to mention, crabtree looks really tough out there. He rolled over some of those houston backs. We need a guy who can go over the middle and take a hit besides a wide receiver. Driver used to do that dirty job. Oh and lets not forget we have Quareless to. I’m still not sure how good he could be. He played almost a full season in 2010, but I dont remember him making too many outstanding plays. Nevertheless, there is 3 quality guys right there. No reason to pay Finley all that money especially when there is some other players who are gonna be free agents soon.

  7. icebowl

    Sad to watch this. How many times have we cheered after watching the magic of JF hook up with #12 on truly humongus plays..?
    I have to agree he’s not playing up to his potential…
    Really sad.

  8. Jeff

    Finley may well be the most disappointing Packer I can ever remember. Tony Mandarich is probably second. So much potential, he could help the team so much if he would just concentrate on football. The knee injury seemed to change everything. Before the injury he had magnets for hands,since he’s been a dropping machine. More concerned about contact than concentrating on the ball. Especially on third down when he’s needed the most.

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