Vikings Fans Being Vikings Fans [Video]

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Here’s a video of Minnesota Vikings fans being Minnesota Vikings fans and showing why we all love them so.

Let’s set the scene.

The Vikings are playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football and getting their asses handed to them. The hopes of Hormel Chili nation are slowly deflating as they realize dis year ain’t gon’ be no diffrnt dan an’ other. Sheeit.

Dumbass Tampa Bay fan is celebrating, surrounded only by mouth breathers and human mistakes wearing Brad Johnson jerseys.

Vikings fans: “How dare you cheer for your obviously superior team! How dare you! Skol Vikings! INFERIORITY COMPLEX!!! MRAHH!!

Tampa fan: [says something unintelligible like Mush Mouth]

Vikings fans: MRAH!! My father violated me last night while I slept! I am angry! MRAHHH!! Skol Vikings! HORMEL CHILI!!!

This goes on for a while until the crowd starts with the “asshole” chant and security shows up and accosts the guy.

How dare you like a team that isn’t the Vikings!

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22 Comments on "Vikings Fans Being Vikings Fans [Video]"

  1. Doug

    I hate the Vikings and their fans with the passion and fire of many Suns, but this is a pretty classic example of a visiting fan asking for trouble and finding it. Acting like a jackass and taunting the home teams fans in their stadium generally leads to negative results.

    I’ve seen the Badgers play in every Big Ten stadium and the Packers play in three road stadiums and have never really had an issue. Most likely because I cheer for my team but don’t act like an idiot.

  2. Chuck

    IDIOT vikings fans, bout the only thing those morons have to cheer about. What constituted having the guy in the freeman jersey assaulted like that ? was he drunk and being unruly ?

    Ive been to foxboro for packer games and NEVER had a problem of anykind. 0. God I hate purple.

  3. Richard

    Looks like Security Officer aka Brock Lesnar jr. just wanted to rough up a black dude in a Bucs jersey to take out his frustrations. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to find out that this is on YouTube.

  4. David

    I think Mr. Tampa Bay got what he was asking for. He was unruly and tried starting a fight a few times. I don’t see anyone do anything wrong… maybe I missed it.

  5. Cuban

    He was asking for it from the beginning, but i dont c where the security had a reason to choke him out and cuff him for raising his arm and taunting

  6. Madcity Packer Fan

    Yes everyone there was guilty of being a filthy Vikings fan with the exception of “Mr. Tampa Bay”. Looking at all those annoying prick fans makes me wanna Punch a Vikings fan and then resist arrest!

  7. buddy

    There are viking fans who like attacking opposing team’s fans. Especially when the visiting fan’s are alone. They’ll corner you in the concourse and yell at you when your team is losing. My Falcons fan friend had a cup of chewing tobacco spit dumped on him. Very poor representation of an NFL team. At least going to the Packer Viking game at the dome works in our favor since 40% of the stadium is Packer fans. BTW, you can hear the artificial crowd noise pumped in. Sad, sad franchise.

  8. Packers Fan

    I’m gonna have to side with the Vikings fans on this one. The Tampa guy was a complete asshole and got just what was coming to him.

  9. Packers Fan

    I’m also going to have to point out that the cop or rent a cop was way over the top. Typical tough guy cop attitude. He didn’t need to rough the guy up like that.

  10. Jim

    That is actually the Minneapolis PD putting a choke on the Bucs fan, not a security guard. What a pathetic scene, the whole damn thing.

  11. DevilDon

    I dunno, that Tampa fan was an asspipe. He’s tauting all the fans. He then gets in people’s faces a few times. That’s inciting a fight.
    He got pulled down to stop him from further inciting the crowd.
    I’ve never been to the dump in Minnesota but that guy had this coming. Cheering for your team is one thing, getting in home fans is another. No Viking fan went at him, it seems they tried to settle him down and get him in his seat.
    I hate the Viqueens like any honorable Packer fan but this dickhead was out of control.

  12. DGC-GBP

    I don’t get the jokes about Viking fans and Hormel Chili?? What’s it about? (I’m from Australia)

    • nurseratchett

      Hormel chili is a distgusting canned version of human food that resembles canned dog food. Hormel’s headquarters is in Minnesota. It causes gas & apparently makes you delusional about your football team.

  13. buddy

    Spam is another stomach turning product from that cesspool of a state. They produce that refuse in Austin, MN. Oh, and skoal is a scandinavian word for futile.

  14. Jimtalkbox

    I don’t like the Vikings or their fans either, but that Bucs fan was an asshole. Cheer for your team, then shut up. Let the scoreboard do your talking for you.

  15. Greg

    The Bucs fan was being an asshole in the stands but not sure what he did to make the security guard rough him up like that. How much you wanna bet there is a lawsuit coming?

  16. DevilDon


    The Bucs fan was being an asshole in the stands but not sure what he did to make the security guard rough him up like that. How much you wanna bet there is a lawsuit coming?

    Lawsuit might be coming but this asshole isn’t going to win it. He was inciting a riot. He was being led out and he had to have his last say, they stopped him from having any further chance to fire up a crowd. It’s like yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Just poor thinking and he got what he deserved.

  17. Chetek Packers

    As much as I dislike the Vikings and most of the fans that go with them, in this case that Buc’s fan should have just sat that fuck down. I hate HATE it when people escalate something with words and finally decide it can only be solved with violence. And then those morons that surrounded him probably thought they were keeping the peace. At that point he had sat down and everyone was goading him on. What did those stiff white guys think they were doing? Coming to a bothers aid? No….they were probably standing there in their stupid lethargic voices saying, “Do you know I came here with my family today to see a game, not hear you talk like that?” or some shit.
    So, was it out of control in the beginning? Yes….did it calm down to a LEAVE IT ALONE point? Yes….did the Vikings fans cause more issues? YES….but….did the Vikings lose….YESSSSSSSSS.

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