They’re Talking About Canceling the Pro Bowl Again

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Aaron Rodgers

There’s been talk of the NFL putting an end to the charade known as the Pro Bowl once and for all. Commissioner Roger Goodell suggested the possibility again Monday night.

“If we cannot accomplish that kind of standard (of high play), I am inclined to not play it,” Goodell said. “It is really tough to force competition, and after a long season, to ask those guys to go out and play at the same level they played is really tough.”

Good riddance is what we would say.

The NFL is apparently on board with the plan we suggested last time this came up — select a team, but don’t play the game. As we’ve said, it’s an honor to get selected to the team and let’s face it, a lot of guys have contract incentives tied to being Pro Bowlers.

But the game itself is a joke. No one plays hard and it just isn’t interesting to watch.

I haven’t watched a Pro Bowl since probably sometime in the ’90s. There’s nothing I miss about it.

It’s starting to sound like the NFL brass wouldn’t miss it either.

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9 Comments on "They’re Talking About Canceling the Pro Bowl Again"

  1. Kristofer from Oshkosh

    There is a good idea you have, Phillthy, that i think could be entertaining. Ever wonder what someone like Chris Johnson would run a 40yard dash time right now? or any running back for that reason after a few years in the league, training, and becoming better and faster or getting worse, but pretty much just see the intangebles of pro bowl caliber players. It would be interesting to see things like combine events and also the quarterback compititions again would be fun to watch, imo. I say, instead of cancelling the pro bowl- just make it a combine-like compitition between the AFC and NFC. There is a lot of different ways this could be done to make it competitive and entertaining with non-contact events. — This gives me another idea, being that it could help soon to be rookies in the actual combine possibly become better by studying these kind of events from established NFL players.

  2. Cheese

    Half the players selected don’t even show up anyway. They’re either playing in the Super Bowl, injured, or just don’t want to play in this joke of a game. That leaves us with 5th string Pro Bowl quarterbacks like Tony Romo or McScabb. Then we have to listen to commentators bullshit about how good these jabroni’s are because they made the Pro Bowl the year before (by default).

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