Rodgers Was Out to Silence Critics

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Aaron Rodgers vs. Texans

Aaron Rodgers has always drawn motivation from snubs and criticism, perceived or otherwise. This week, he did it again and it resulted in the Green Bay Packers best performance of the season.

Apparently, all you have to do to get Rodgers and the Packers offense to show up is tell them they’re playing like shit, which they have been up until this point.

“I think we were all just tired of answering questions about what happened to the Packers, what happened to me,” Rodgers said. “It was a good team effort tonight. The offensive line blocked great. We ran the ball with effectiveness. Guys made some plays down the field. Just getting back to the way we are capable of playing. We haven’t gone anywhere.”

Asked what message he sent the “critics” with his (and the team’s) performance, Rodgers said: “Shhhhhhhhh,” and walked off camera with a smile.

Whatever it took the Packers to get to this point — to remind everyone they were one of the most dominant teams in the NFL last season — we’re glad they’re finally there.

Rodgers put up his best game of the season on Sunday, with 338 yards and six touchdowns. Let’s hope he can continue it next week when no one is complaining about how bad the Packers are playing.

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9 Comments on "Rodgers Was Out to Silence Critics"

  1. iltarion

    Really, it is reminiscent of the Giants, if you think about it, who also appear to lose interest against lesser teams, but then take it to another level when everyone is down on them.

    Personally, I would prefer consistency like last season, and I would have preferred that A-Rodge took the high-road on the criticism, like he has in the past. After all, he said himself that his play wasn’t up to his own expectations.

    On the other hand, I love that A-Rodge has the guts to take on the media, which I believe his radio show has a lot to do with that, and yes, the “Shhhhh” quote is a great one.

    Yes, we could use some more critics of this guy.

  2. PackAttack

    So much for the loss of the great Cedric Benson and that ground and pound running attack, huh??

    I said it last week. This team needs to throw, throw, throw. Fuck the running game. I understand you need to have a decent balance, which GB did on Sunday night, but with Benson this team was running way, way, way too much. It was a blessing in disguise when that guy went down.

    Go five wide, spread the field and put the ball in your best players hands and you get what you got on Sunday night.

    Stay away Cedric Benson!

  3. E-rok

    I wonder when teams will stop making fun of Aarons discount double check belt. He turns into beast mode when someone on the defense tries to mimic it! It was the beginning of the end when Watt put on the belt and threw it off. Aaron made him pay.

  4. rebelgb

    I really liked Cedric and what he brought to the team. That being said im not sure I want him back. Green has strength AND he has speed and vision. Honestly if you watch his runs he is one downfield block away from the TD almost every touch. The guy has skills….

  5. DJ

    He doesnt need for the Packers to win nor does he need to conduct interviews nor does he need to throw for 6 TDs to silence his critics. All he needs to do is — — USE HIS FEET like he did last night. Once he feels pressure….GO! The rest will then take care of itself & all will be right in the world…..assuming we dont get too many cases of the “drops” in the red zone again. Even so, GREAT JOB & a quality win! Hope we can build off it & get some momentum going!

  6. Pack Lethal

    Bullshit. I saw Rodgers discount double check a td & it felt good for the team to win. I hope they can beat those fucking Viqueens. And DD can fuck off. I’ll never root for the Viqueens again.

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