Rodgers: I’m Not Playing My Best Football

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Aaron Rodgers vs. New Orleans

Although you can point the finger at a lot of guys on the Green Bay Packers for not playing well, Aaron Rodgers isn’t really one of them. Still, he stepped up and took some of the blame for the Packers poor start on Tuesday.

“I haven’t played as well as the expectations” Rodgers said on his weekly radio show.

“I’ve made some checks that have been unproductive,” Rodgers said. “I’ve missed some throws that I’m accustomed to hitting. I just haven’t played the way, the standard I’ve set. My solemn promise is that I’m going to work every day to get better. I’m going to clean up some of the things I’m not doing as well as I could. The proof is in the pudding, and right now I’m no getting it done.”

To put things in perspective, Rodgers has a 68.8 completion percentage and has thrown for 1,307 yards, 10 touchdowns and four interceptions. He has a 97 quarterback rating. Just about anyone else would be on pace for a career year with those numbers, but Rodgers threw only six interceptions all of last season and set an NFL mark for quarterback rating.

So, his numbers are down.

Although Rodgers seems to be missing some throws he hit last season and has, on occasion, held the ball too long on plays that have resulted in sacks, he isn’t the culprit here.

He probably just took a load of weight off the real culprits by saying that though. But hey, that’s what a leader does.

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11 Comments on "Rodgers: I’m Not Playing My Best Football"

  1. Cheese is Good

    I just saw this story on ESPN First Take, did our MVP qb really own up to this or did he just use, yet again, another lame reason for a less-than-stellar first quarter of the season? It disgusted me that he called out the replacement refs & bad calls for the SEA loss: he knows calls go for & against you, that you don’t win games with refs as it usually balances out & instead, take the game into your own hands & it was SEA. Now that that is forgotten, the rookies? Oh sure, the appearance of ownership is there but it is all smoke n mirrors. Step up MVP! Your making the mistakes you moved past 3 years ago.

    • #GetItRightRoger

      Calls go for and against you, not games! Thank GOD he didn’t sit there and take it in the ass! You are a fucking pussy if you don’t say anything.

    • nurseratchett

      I couldn’t disagree more. Smoke & mirrors? He owned up to his own mistakes although it isn’t all his responsibility. Last time I checked, the QB doesn’t play defense. He could’ve thrown his O-line under the bus, but didn’t. He could’ve made snide “oh well, shit happens” comments which were the hallmark of his predecessor, but he didn’t.

      The rest of the league, with the exception of SEA, blamed the refs for that loss. Even the fox sports commentators were all WTF???? when it happened!

      He carried the team on his BACK last season, #32 ranked defense & all. Football is a TEAM sport. If more of the TEAM (including the coaches) take this kind of ownership as well as a committment to improvement, maybe the season isn’t as lost as it feels right now.

  2. Buddy

    If the Pack beats the Texans this Sunday all bad shit up until this point will be nuetralized and we can move on and move forward with the season. We’re spending too much time in the fucking doldrums.

  3. iltarion

    Rodgers shows again the kind of great leader that he is.

    Yeah, his stats are fine, but Rodgers gets to see the game film, and he knows he has struggled. Holding onto the ball and taking sacks doesn’t hurt his stats, but it hurts the team.

    I am also surprised by the number of inaccurate passes I see from him. Last year, during his crazy run, he could literally go an entire game without throwing an inaccurate pass.

  4. DevilDon

    Really? I had a bad year or two. I remember missing out on a really big deal because I couldn’t convince the customer that we could do the job even though I knew we could and had done that type of job before.
    It happens. People have off times.
    Give the guy a break.

  5. Cheese is Good

    You guys definitely make interesting, convincing points & I agree with most of them. I do expect much more from leaders, so yes, I do focus on Rodgers to be the one to make it happen. Devil Don, I appreciate the analogy but I do not feel it applies. When bidding (or any business team setting, I may have the better idea but failure to convey to other parties results in missed opportunity & it ultimately becomes my fault for that failure). I brought up SEA because I believe, truly believe, this team is better than Carroll’s & it should never have come to a blown call! Yea, we are that much better, Rodgers is that much better & I do hold the Packers to a higher ideal. Maybe I’m a lost cause but I will still continue to believe.

  6. Cheese is Good

    One other thing! Make no mistake, if we were to lose Rodgers by some unfortunate event, we are done! So yea, I do hold him to a higher standard! He’s the league MVP!

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