Reggie Wayne Thrashed Packers With Cramps

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Reggie Wayne

Here’s how good the Green Bay Packers secondary is — Indianapolis Colts receiver Reggie Wayne torched them while battling leg cramps. That’s right, they got beat by a gimp.

They’d probably get beat by a guy in a wheelchair too.

Wayne had a career-best 212 yards receiving on Sunday. He was also battling severe leg cramps on the final drive, according to Michael Silver.

“I know I had to sacrifice my body to get it done for Chuck. I was cramping up on that last drive – I never cramp, but I was hurting pretty bad. But I had to give everything I had, because this was too important,” Wayne said.

The 33-year-old caught five balls for 64 yards on that drive. He also caught the game-winning touchdown.

Chuck, of course, is Colts coach Chuck Pagano, who is battling leukemia. If the Colts could face the Packers secondary every week, they’d probably win quite a few games for their coach.

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3 Comments on "Reggie Wayne Thrashed Packers With Cramps"

  1. Buddy

    Mike McCarthy has water head syndrome. Maybe the Packers can play for him next weekend to upset the Texans.

  2. iltarion

    Easy to come up with injuries afterwards.

    “Yeah, man, I really had to tough it out there at the end… You know, all for the coach…”

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