One Replacement Ref Says They Screwed up Packers-Seahawks

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M.D. Jennings' interception

While Lance Easley is still living in some sort of denial where he made the right call at the end of the Green Bay Packers loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the head referee from the game has now admitted his crew made a mistake.

Wayne Elliott told Inside the NFL he initially thought Easley’s call of simultaneous possession and a touchdown on the final play of Seattle’s gift was the right call. Now, he’s not so sure and he admits he didn’t know how to interpret the rule.

“I probably call interception (now),” Elliott said. “… I learned a rule by screwing up the rule. That’s the best way for me to learn them, by screwing them up.”


Elliott also goes on to say the NFL told its replacement officials not to call pass interference on Hail Marys. There was obvious offensive interference on the final play of the game in question and the NFL even admitted that in the aftermath.

“It was brought up that you don’t really call interference on a Hail Mary,” Elliott said. “Deep officials were trained that during a Hail Mary, there is a lot of bodies in there and you just let it go. That’s from my understanding. I was not in the deep officials training.”

What’s perhaps most surprising (and revealing) is Packers coach Mike McCarthy actually called Elliott in the aftermath of this screw job, not to berate him, but to tell him he handled the situation with class.

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4 Comments on "One Replacement Ref Says They Screwed up Packers-Seahawks"

  1. nurseratchett

    What will the seahawks trolls that came to this site after the game say now? Monty, you completely blew up there fantasy with this story…

    Can’t say I’m more pissed about the seattle calls than I am about the ones against the Ain’ts. At least the calls duirng the seattle game were made by replacements.

  2. the real russ letlow

    What is the real ref’s excuse? They don’t have one…….unless you use Triplett as one. Which could be a good excuse. Great move bt Coach McCarthy. He is one class dude. His counterpart in SEA can’t make the same claim.

  3. E. Wolf

    And that cocksucker said he laughed at Packer fans outrage and indignation, namely the telephone calls saying he should kill himself.

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