Is Packers Problem Inconsistency or Complacency?

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Aaron Rodgers vs. Indianapolis

No one thought the Green Bay Packers would be 2-3 at this point in the season. In fact, it could be argued that the Packers have looked good in only one game — their week two thrashing of the Chicago Bears.

So, what’s the problem? A lot of things, it turns out.

Coach Mike McCarthy says the problem is consistency, or a lack thereof. Obviously, that’s been an issue with the players on the field — dropped passes, missed assignments, poorly-run routes, etc. However, McCarthy also points to the turnover in personnel and coaches.

Certainly, if Jermichael Finley wasn’t dropping balls and Joe Philbin wasn’t in Miami, the Packers would be in better shape. Would they be that much better though?

We’ve pointed it out before — the Packers are playing exactly like they were last season, even though opposing teams have figured out how to stifle their formerly high-flying offense. I mean, how many times do you throw into two-deep coverage before you realize the opposition isn’t going to get beat by your deep passing game?

The Packers haven’t adapted. They haven’t adapted to what the rest of the league is doing to stop them and they haven’t made adequate adjustments in-game. Their offense has largely been one-dimensional and now that Cedric Benson is gone for an extended period, who knows what’s going to happen.

If there’s hope left for this season, we all better hope McCarthy is right and the Packers can actually become more consistent. It doesn’t look like a shift in philosophy is on the horizon and it would be tough to make one during the season anyway.

So, either clean up the mental part of the game or it’s back to the drawing board next summer.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

12 Comments on "Is Packers Problem Inconsistency or Complacency?"

  1. just read your article about that punk ass dead dude Charles Martin, and your just a scum bag faggot as much as he was…you and your fudgepackers rot in hell, sissy ho!

  2. SoTxPhil

    Of course MM isn’t going to come out and say we lost because I call most throws to the outside of the field and ignore the wide open middle and don’t get the ball out quick on slants or flares and make the defenders tackle us on the run instead of the rcvrs running to a spot and stopping. Or the defense rushing only 3 on most all 3rd and long for an easy 15-20 yd completion. Mostly why do the refs hate GB???

  3. Andy

    To be fair MM usually speaks bluntly about why his team sucked out and takes his own blame for not making adjustments. Now if he could go ahead and actually take his own advice that would be great

  4. DD

    I don’t understand where all this criticism is coming from. The Packers are the next dynasty and Rodgers is the greatest player of all time, remember?

  5. Buddy

    DD, I don’t know if you realize this, but you are the guy that everyone is annoyed with when you troll here. The same guy that you can’t stand who trolls your team’s site. I would really like to know why you have such a hate for Packer fans and why you let them give you anxiety. It’s just a game DD. I get giving us shit once in a while but you make it your job. Relax dude, there’s nothing in life worth being so angry over.

  6. DD

    I am well aware it’s just a game brah. Unfortunately you, and every other Packer fan I’ve ever encountered is not aware of this fact. It’s probably why I get such a kick out of “trolling”, or as I call it, stating facts. Also, I don’t post as much on this site as many others. I just make it count when I do. Cheerio!

  7. Buddy

    First off it’s bruh. Secondly you wouldn’t post here if you weren’t such an angry spiteful person. You make it so clear that you leave no room for imagination of what kind of a person you are in real life. You don’t know me or any of these fans on this site so don’t generalize. It makes you sound narrow minded, but if it takes being an annoying sophmoric little boy on a website to help you get to sleep at night then more power to you. The rest of us Packer fans that you hate so much will still enjoy our football team and traditions no matter what you post here.

  8. nurseratchett

    I think the offense tried to adapt by acquiring Benson. Unfortunately, the 1st taste of a running game we’ve had in long time is now out for most of the season. The O-line is horrible; although its likely that about 1/3 of the sacks belong solely on Rodgers shoulders, take away those sacks & he is STILL the most sacked QB in the league.

    The defense also seems incapable of adapting. It seems more & more like Capers runs schemes that either don’t work or are not a fit for our personelle. Maybe he’s just a one trick pony & opossing offenses have figured him out. Of course, that happened last season, but our offense was so of the charts it led us to 15-1. The solution to the leagues most horrible defense last season was to draft rookies to fill a supposed void. In my mind, the only adaptation Capers has made was to move CM3 back to the right side, which has resulted in Matthews having more sacks in the first quarter of this season than he had all of last year.

    As far as the Colts debacle goes, when you are up 21-3 at half time, you should be able to sit the starting offense & still win the game. That is, if you have an adaptive defense that can create turnovers and/or actually stop the opponents.

    Remember the farside cartoon “school for the gifted”? To me it is a symbol of our season so far…..

    • Abe Frohman

      sorry, but I disagree with your first paragraph. I believe the thinking was “Starks gets hurt a lot. Green is still pretty raw….we need someone.” They picked up Benson only when he was cheap enough but later realized, hey this guy is pretty good!

      True Rodgers is holding the ball. He’s doing so because the receivers can’t escape the jam off the line of scrimmage. Are we leading the league in drops? If not, we’ve got to be up there.

  9. #GetItRightRoger

    Packers are not doing what they did last year. You say teams are stopping what we did last year, we have completely changed, maybe we should do what we did last year.

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