Guess What — Packers Are Terrible When They Don’t Run

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Cedric Benson

We’ve been harping on this theme for a number of weeks, but now we actually have some numbers to the prove the point — the Green Bay Packers are terrible when they don’t run the ball.

Since 2010, when the Packers drop back to pass more than 70 percent of the time they’re 2-8. They’ve now done that three times this season and they’ve lost each game.

Sunday was another one of those occasions. The Packers dropped back to pass 74 percent of the time. You saw what happened. The Colts defense teed off the Packers shitty offensive line, sacking quarterback Aaron Rodgers five times. They also dropped both of their safeties so the deep ball was nowhere to be found.

Still, Mike McCarthy decided to go out there and wing it around anyway.


The Packers were well on their way to a probable blowout of the Colts in the first half. Then running back Cedric Benson went down. While he was in the game, the Packers were running nearly as much as they were passing (53 percent). After he left, the Packers passed 77 percent of the time.

In the Packers other two losses this season, they passed 85 percent of the time against the 49ers and 78 percent of the time against Seattle.

See a pattern here, buffoon?

Ah, fuck it, let’s just go deep on every play. We’re bound to hit a couple of them!

For the record, the Packers are 29-3 since 2010 when they pass less than 70 percent of the time.

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12 Comments on "Guess What — Packers Are Terrible When They Don’t Run"

  1. TyKoSteamboat

    I hope Benson & Raji are okay.

    Alex Green is a good-looking RB out of the shotgun. That was basically the only formation he ran out of in college with Hawaii anyways.

    I ‘d like to see Green get 7-8 touches per game even with a healthy Benson

  2. Cuban

    Is every1 forgetting that philbin was the guy that made the gameplans, mccarthy called the plays but philbin helped w/ the gameplan. Now that hes gone u see how mccarthy just wants to pass all the fucking time even though all signs show it doesnt fuckin work

  3. Cheese

    The Packers have looked like shit ever since the playoff game against the Giants last year that Philbin missed. I thought it might have just been a coincidence, guess not.

  4. SoTxPhil

    I wouldn’t mind MM throwing the ball more than running it, but throw it over the middle to your TE or RB coming out of the backfield. This yr MM wants to throw everything to the sidelines or back-shoulder(which defenses have figured out or J. Jones hasn’t). The short passes are good yardage gainers when they go to Cobb or Green in the middle, not running Green on stretch plays for no gain. AR has got to make quicker decisions and get rid of the ball, but not to out plays short of the first down on 3rd down. Has AR completed even one long pass this entire yr(other than the penalty for pushing off on J. Jones which was BS). The turning pt of this game was the PF on Perry for sacking Luck with a form tackle and the fumble that GB recovered, not the loss of Benson.

  5. iltarion

    Hey, dumbass, ever think that you have it BACKWARDS?

    The Packers end up running more than 30% of the time when they are WINNING. And end up passing more than 70% of the time when they are LOSING.

    You have the causality backwards.

    It isn’t the passing that is causing the losing. It is the losing that is causing the passing!

    Take a look league-wide once. I imagine you’ll find similar stats for most teams.

    When the Packers went 13-0 to start last season, when they were scoring over 35 points a game, how many times did they rush over 100 yards?


    • Ed Gein

      They were WINNING at half time. Then threw the shit out of it, barely made a first down in the second half and left their half-assed defense out on the field until they nearly passed out from exhaustion. WHY? Seriously! WHY?

  6. Cheese is Good

    Please don’t quote last season. That was the easiest schedule any Packer team, hell any team, ever had to play. Ever! It left them grossly ill-prepared & soft when it mattered! You do have a point on the causality relationship & with the running game stalled, time will most likely support your contention.

  7. mxz600

    Last season, i was telling Gomers like iltarion, about the Packers O Line problems, and the poor defensive play. But all he was saying was who cares?…They’re winning…..Guess what Gomer?(iItarion)…They’re not winning now are they?…iltarion talks like he knows football, and everyone is beneath him. The truth is iltarion doesn’t know shit, The only thing he knows is how to be a pompous arrogant asshole.

  8. mxz600

    iltarion…The Packers defense dropped 13 spots in 2 weeks….Does it matter yet asswipe?………iltarion?….Rodgers is getting killed because of a weak O line…Does it matter yet asswipe? …..iltarion…The Packers D backs couldnt cover their Grandmother, just like last year, does it matter yet asswipe?

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