Greg Jennings Took the Wheels Off James Jones’ Car [Photos]

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James Jones' car

Greg Jennings obviously has some time on his hands. This week, he had the wheels taken off Green Bay Packers teammate James Jones‘ car.

We’re serious.

That’s what you’re seeing above — Jones’ ride on blocks.

Apparently, this was retaliation for Jones drawing a bunch of penises on Jennings’ ride on his birthday. You can see those photos below.

So, who got the worse of it?

Greg Jennings' car

Greg Jennings' car

(Via SportsGrid)

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7 Comments on "Greg Jennings Took the Wheels Off James Jones’ Car [Photos]"

  1. PackAttack

    If old Greg spent as much time drawing dicks on the side of jones car as he did working on that groin injury he might be ready to suit up this week.

  2. White Lightning

    PackAttack.. Re-read the post, James Jones drew the dicks on Jennings’ car on his birthday. Greg retaliated by having the wheels removed from Jones’ truck, which could be argued that squats were done and that helps stretch the groin.

  3. buddy

    Come on Pack Attack (great name btw) don’t be salty about not doing your homework on this one. Jonesy’s fucking hilarious bro.

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