Five More Thoughts on Packers Loss to Colts

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Mason Crosby blows it

Now that the dust has settled and the hangover has worn off, here are five more thoughts on the Green Bay Packers 30-27 loss over the Indianapolis Colts.

Cedric Benson’s injury shows the Packers weren’t well prepared
After the Packers starting running back went down in the first half, any chance of winning the game pretty much went out the window. At the time, the Packers offense was balanced and the team ran out to a 21-3 lead at halftime. In the second half, the Packers reverted to their old throw-on-every-down-and-in-every-situation mentality. Alex Green actually demonstrated his home run potential by breaking off a 41-yard run. Still, he only got nine carries. Clearly, the Packers were ready to feed Benson the ball, but wouldn’t do the same with Green. Why? Probably because they weren’t prepared for the possibility of playing without Benson.

Tom Crabtree should’t be asked to block someone like Dwight Freeney
What the hell was this? The Packers offensive line was terrible on the day, much like they’ve been throughout the season, but there’s no excuse for leaving Crabtree in a one-on-one with Freeney. That very scenario unfolded several times on Sunday. Why? Couldn’t tell ya. We can only chalk it up to coaching buffoonery. Crabtree is a good blocker, but he’s a tight end. Freeney is one of the best pass rushers in the league when he’s healthy. You give Crabtree help in these situations or you get your quarterback killed.

This offensive line sucks
What’s the difference between this offensive line and last season’s unit? Jeff Saturday. As it turns out, Scott Wells was the far superior player of the two. Saturday isn’t alone in the getting-Aaron-Rodgers-killed-and-not-opening-up-any-running-lanes club though. Bryan Bulaga seems to have regressed. Or maybe he was just never any good to begin with. Of course, it doesn’t help when Rodgers is standing back there holding the ball for five minutes, which he did on two sacks on Sunday, but if Saturday and Bulaga don’t pick up their play, this is going to be a long season.

Last year’s pass defense is officially back
Remember when last season’s Packers defense allowed an NFL record number of passing yards? Despite all their offseason additions, this defense isn’t any different. Last week they gave up 446 yards to Drew Brees. This week they gave up 362 to Andrew Luck. Tramon Williams may be back to his old form, but the Packers don’t have a reliable cornerback after him. Their safeties aren’t much better in coverage. That includes Charles Woodson.

There are two, possibly three teams better than the Packers in the division
The Bears are 4-1. So are the Vikings. The Lions are 1-3, but their offense would probably rip this shitty Packers defense. The Packers are not a good football team and it looks like the Bears and Vikings are. Granted, the Packers handled the Bears in their first matchup this season, but it’s beginning to look like the Packers are going to be fighting for a wild card spot if they can get into playoff contention at all. They’re two games off the NFC North lead.

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24 Comments on "Five More Thoughts on Packers Loss to Colts"

  1. Nate Nichols

    So who’s fault is it this time??? Can’t blame refs….and now after whining for weeks on end about how you had a game “stolen” from you, whats your excuse Green bay?
    The truth is your not as good as the teams that beat you. The truth is you need to stop blaming everyone else and look in the mirror. Maybe karma is coming back to bite you in rear finally?
    No one likes whiners and thats what you’ve become. No media coming to your rescue this week…and I’m laughing my ass off here in Seattle!!
    GO HAWKS!!!!

    • Ivonitonvikingfans

      Do you still think the hawks won that game legitimately? You are clearly a fool. Nobody is blaming the refs for this debacle. Now go post stupid shit on all of those great Hawks blogs.

    • Pack Morris

      Wait, karma? As in, we had bad karma coming our way, because… we… what? Had a game stolen from us? That makes as much sense as the Fail Mary call.

  2. There was a classic scene in the old Mary Tyler Moore show where Ted Baxter and his wife are trying to figure out why their young son is having so much trouble in school. And an old man overhears this and says, “you know I’m just an old man and I’ve heard parents discuss this kind of thing a lot and I wonder why this never occurs to the parents, but maybe…just maybe, the kid is stupid.”

    After suffering through these miserable 5 weeks I’ve finally found some comfort in the fact that maybe, just maybe, this team is just terrible.

  3. Buddy

    Nate, maybe you should learn what karma is. You just earned yourself some karma by running your mouth on an opponents blog page bruh.

  4. Richard

    Karma? Have the Packers or the organization wronged the league in some way? What kind of stupid logic is that?

  5. Lynn fuckin' Dickey

    So tired of Seahawks fans claiming their stolen win was karmic payback for Superbowl XL. Hey dipshits, that was the Steelers, not the Packers, who fucked you. I know the average Seattle fan has no knowledge of which teams are in which conference, and admittedly their jerseys ARE kind of similar, but here’s a helpful reminder: the superbowl is always between the NFC abd AFC champions. The Pack have wronged no one so why should karma come back to bite us?

    The Packers are, however, not a good team as it stands right now.

    • iltarion

      Like I would bother with a link provided by you, dumbass. Why don’t you think about it for a moment. Maybe you’ll have an epiphany.

  6. PackerBoB

    I think it’s safe to say that Bulaga is not first round material and Saturday looks like his best day are behind him. The Colts did let him go for a reason. Hard to say if the Pack could have kept Wells around and paid everyone else too.

  7. iltarion

    This article is full of hysterical nonsense.

    Jeff Saturday got beat on one fricking play.

    Nine carries in a half isn’t too bad. Not sure what all the griping about running the ball is coming from. For a time there, it seemed like every time we handed it off we lost yards. I was yelling, “STOP RUNNING THE DAMN BALL!”

    Sam Shields had a pretty good game yesterday. Saying the pass defense “is the same as last year” is just stupidity, again. Andrew Luck has now had 300+ yards in 3 of his first 4 games. But let’s keep talking about how he sucks and how awesome RG3 is.

    The Packers didn’t just beat the Bears. They embarrassed them. The Vikings… I’ll just laugh.

    Long ways to go… Though I admit, things will be pretty bleak at 2-4.

    • SHODAN

      It’s not just the number of carries, but also the grouping of the runs and just what kind of runs were called. McCarthy, for whatever reason, decided that stretch runs were just the ticket, rather than going with draws and other up-the-gut handoffs, which tended to be more successful (e.g. Green’s 41 yard run). The outside stuff just didn’t work, but for whatever reason it seemed like the play calling favored those types of runs.

      The main hope should be that the players and staff can pick up on the adjustments that should have been made, and actually make them from here on out.

  8. Andy

    My thoughts are this is the same team from last year but the drops are way up. Say what you want about Jennings but he was reasonably reliable in clutch situatuions. If you eliminate those drops the packers are like last year and get up on a team by three scores then the opposition starts winging it and gives up turnovers.

    It looks like the deep ball is taken away now and they dont have an answer for it.

  9. mxz600

    Last season, i was telling Gomers like iltarion, about the Packers O Line problems, and the poor defensive play. But all he was saying was who cares?…They’re winning…..Guess what Gomer?(iItarion)…They’re not winning now are they?…iltarion talks like he knows football, and everyone is beneath him. The truth is iltarion doesn’t know shit, The only thing he knows is how to be a pompous arrogant asshole.

  10. Cry Me A River

    Mxz 600,
    Gomer, I like that & it is very accurate! I’ve crossed his ignorance before as well!

  11. Ryan

    Overall, I feel like this defense is better than last year’s, although yesterday was just awful. (Giving up a lot of yards to Drew Brees is somewhat inevitable.)

    To me, the biggest difference is the turnovers, particularly the interceptions. Troy Aikman would always describe the Packers secondary as “ball hogs.” This year, it isn’t happening. We are giving up huge chunks of yards and then not getting the game saving turnover. However, our red zone defense has been ok… or at least it feels like that.

    All that being said, obviously, the biggest difference is the offense. It doesn’t even look like a distant cousin of last year’s unit. What the heck happened?

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