Baby Clay Matthews [Photo]

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Clay Matthews baby

No. This is not a photo of Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews as a baby. It’s a baby pretending to be Clay Matthews.

And Clay Matthews likes it. At least we assume he does because he tweeted it over the weekend and asked whose child it is. We don’t know, but she’s obviously being raised right.

For photos of Matthews as a youngster, go here.

(Via TBL)

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15 Comments on "Baby Clay Matthews [Photo]"

  1. Doug

    Did people not realize that’s a little girl? The hair, clip in the hair, and face kinda give it away. Come on people.

  2. buddy

    We haven’t heard from him in a while. Maybe exfixiated himself with a belt and a firefighter calendar.

    • DevilDon

      Are we talkling auto-erotic asphyxiation ala David Carradine? lmfao, the firefighter calendar brought tears to my eyes. Funny shit buddy.

  3. Kristofer from Oshkosh

    Where can I buy a poster like that clay matthews one? (You know the one that is behind the baby… ..jk) But seriously, i do actually want to know where to get a really wide poster like that. Anyone know? Can’t be a fathead poster can it?

  4. Pack Lethal

    little girl or not, doesnt matter. It’s cool. I hate the Viqueens. Where is DD? it’s guys like him that makes me hate Viquuens fans. Get off our site. I used to be a Viquuen fan, I know. Fuckin losers. I switch to the Packers and dumb shits like this follow.

    • DevilDon

      You switch and Vikings fans are losers? Ya, maybe, but more of a loser is a fan who dumps his team while they look like a contender and becomes of fan of their rival. You didn’t have alot of friends in school did you Pack Lethal?

  5. David

    Gay or not… Clay should get that football hair clip.

    As for the girl… I’m actually thinking that’s a limited edition Clay Matthews Cabbage Patch Doll.

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