Aaron Rodgers’ New State Farm Commercial [Video]

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Aaron Rodgers' State Farm ad

Are you tired of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers discount double checking it all over the place? Yeah, State Farm really ruined that for everyone.

Not to worry! Rodgers has a new State Farm commercial and no one is doing the discount double check.

Instead, Rodgers is at an elementary school career day in what is apparently some far off land where no one knows who Aaron Rodgers is. Oddly, the kids all speak English. Oh, and at the end a fat kid shows up with a cheesehead on who does actually know who Rodgers is. He must be a transfer student.

Of course, I haven’t seen too many kids wear cheeseheads to school, even in Wisconsin. So this commercial pretty much makes no sense on any level.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

22 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers’ New State Farm Commercial [Video]"

  1. Buddy

    Trophies are for people with self esteem issues. Well than the Packers are gonna need a therapist for all those Lombardi trophies sitting in the case. Those misfortunate guys in purple must be the most confident group of guys in the league then.

  2. the real russ letlow

    the absurdity of the commercial makes it funny. Self-depreciating humor……. Wait !!!Sorry all of you queens fans – that means to kind of make fun of yourself.

  3. GBFaninCA

    How you gonna talk about the validity of a silly commercial? If it really bugs you that much because your TV has been flooded with the state farm commercials, maybe its time to consider getting off your ass and doing something productive

  4. Nathan

    Dumbest commentary on a commercial I have ever read. You’re such a cheesehead yourself, you’re neglecting to step outside of Lambeau field and realize not everybody dreams of Rodgers 24/7. Believe it or not, not every elementary school kid in WI would know who Aaron Rodgers was if they saw him on the street. And, just because one girl asked him what he does, doesn’t mean the rest of the class is clueless. All in all, the job of the ad is not to promote the Packers but rather State Farm – job well done in my book.

    P.S Nice loss to the Colts.

  5. Paul

    I think that it is a cleaver commercial and does not beat the “Discount Double Check” mantra to death. Also a little self-deprecating humor doesn’t hurt either.

  6. I thought it was another great commercial – tasteful and funny, and AR continues to come across as a very cool person who is not overly impressed with himself, nor trying to overwhelm anyone else, while at the same time appreciating is moment in the sun, and enjoying the opportunities that it has created for him. My next daughter is definitely going to be named Erin Rodgers Zuckerman.

  7. Charlotte Kubista

    I am not sure if I am submitting my cheesehead count in the right way, but I found 12 in the State Farm ad.

    GO Pack GO!

  8. Chandni

    Okay so this article makes no sense! “No no knows who Rodgers is??” But yet the little boy says “Did you save my dad hundreds by doing the discount double check?” *they all do the move* & really “who wears a cheesehead to school?” its a commerical quit analyzing it too much it’s suppose to be funny!! & it is!

    Whoa you guys need to go back and look again! Lol I think I found like 27-28 not sure, but they try to throw you off with some of them! & they usually put the website at the end of the commerical or im sure the link is on their fb page!

  9. bwoods

    Is the kid at the end of the commercial with the cheesehead a girl or boy–my husband and I disagree–please help us settle our difference.

    • Running Scared

      Please… Keep the hubby 1,000 feet away from all schools, and… small farm animals.

      Thank you.

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