Aaron Rodgers Has a Pirate Fetish

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Aaron Rodgers really likes pirates. The Green Bay Packers quarterback might even have a pirate fetish.

Rodgers put a little twist on his weekly photobomb of the Packers captains on Sunday, when he and Graham Harrell showed up with eye patches.


Why do we say Rodgers has a pirate fetish? Well, this. And then there was the time he got poked in the eye earlier this year and said he wanted to wear an eye patch.

Oh, and there was also last Halloween, when Rodgers went as… you guessed it! A pirate!

Actually, no. It was his brother Luke who dressed as a pirate. Aaron dressed as Rambo, but it’s close enough. There were obviously some pirate fantasies going on in the Rodgers household when these lads were younger.

Would you like to go swashbuckling with Captain Rodgers?

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