This Was Supposed to Be Matt Flynn’s Coming-Out Party

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Russell Wilson

The Green Bay Packers travel to face the Seattle Seahawks Monday night. The game was supposed to feature the drama of former Packers understudy Matt Flynn leading his new team as the starting quarterback against his old one, which turned him into the player he is today.

The NFL had to be salivating over the built-in drama this storyline was ready to add to the game. Flynn holds Packers records for passing yards (480) and touchdowns (6) in a game, set last season in week 17 against Detroit. On the big stage of Monday Night Football, Flynn would lead his new team in a shootout with the high-powered Packers.

Well, damn Russell Wilson for screwing up the NFL’s plans.

Wilson, the former Wisconsin Badgers quarterback, came in as a third-round draft pick and beat out Flynn and his hefty free agent contract for the starting job.

While there are still some interesting stories about Wilson — he’s a rookie and he played one season in the state of Wisconsin — it’s nothing like Flynn vs. the Packers. Now, the biggest story is how obviously terrible the Badgers are at quarterback without Wilson. Danny O’Brien, you are no Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks seem have a different approach with Wilson, too.

Flynn was expected to chuck the ball around. With Wilson, the Seahawks rely heavily on the running game and their defense to win.

Although he’s been a pretty cool customer through two NFL starts, it’s clear Wilson is no chucker. He has 304 yards, two touchdowns and a pick on the season. That’s ball-control offense.

So, unfortunately, they’ll have to manufacture some other sort of drama for this one.

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22 Comments on "This Was Supposed to Be Matt Flynn’s Coming-Out Party"

    • geopack

      It would be about friggin’ time for that. The Seahawks defense is pretty good though. Not S.F. strong, but younger and quicker than Chicago’s D.

      Let’s build the story around the benching of yottoman.

    • nurseratchett

      enjoy! take a sign, tell us what it will say, & we’ll all do a shot when we see you!

      GO PACK GO!

  1. the real russ letlow

    49 points sounds good……….for the first half. Armyguy87 – make sure you lead the GO PACK GO chant! you can even throw in a THE BEARS STILL SUCK chant for fun.

  2. Richard

    Matt Flynn’s coming out party?

    I know there is a joke in there somewhere. I just can’t figure out what it is. Maybe it’ll come to me while I’m dining at Pizza Hut for dinner.

  3. Pack Lethal

    Armyguy87 & The Real Russ Letlow = Comments Liked. Richard that joke was funny the first 500 times you told it.

  4. PackerBob

    The Packers let Flynn go because they didn’t want to pay $10M to a backup QB. Apparently, the Pete Caroll has no problem with that.

  5. DD

    Pack Lethal always responds anytime a comment is made about the gay players in Green Bay. It seems to really hurt him. There’s something to this. Maybe his daddy shoved his penis up his butt when he was a child? Or maybe it was his priest. Let’s all pray for him.

  6. Richard

    Pack Lethal also makes references to hanging out at rest stops. Maybe he was forced along on road trips with his truck-driver daddy when things got out of hand.

  7. Travis Jervey

    Pack Lethal is a troll trolling trolls.

    I just ate at Pizza Hut and I’m sure I saw Pack Lethal walk out with a Meat Lovers.

  8. Madcity Packer Fan

    It sucks I really wanted Flynn to get that starting job and see if the Packers could beat who they taught.

  9. Pack Lethal

    Richard, DD and Travis Jervey are the same fuck face troll. A Packer fan posting on a Packer site can’t be a troll you friendless moran.

    Pack Lethal > Richard DD Travis Jervey ( Three headed ass-dragon)

    • Travis Jervey

      What’s a three headed ass-dragon? Is that the term for when three dicks enter Pack Lethal’s ass at the same time?

  10. Pack Lethal

    Sick fuck! You just threatened to rape me. You’ll be sent to prison where the inmates will put ten dicks up your ass.

  11. Travis Jervey

    More original than your last post.

    I know your upset this won’t be Flynn’s coming out party but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have your own coming out party.

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