Stuff Chicago Bears Fans Say [Video]

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The following video, Stuff Chicago Bears Fans Say, features Scooter Magruder and former Chicago Bear Anthony Adams. It’s pretty much spot on and, as you’d expect, there are plenty of references to the Green Bay Packers.

To be fair, there’s also a Stuff Packers Fans Say video.


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5 Comments on "Stuff Chicago Bears Fans Say [Video]"

  1. WhiteLightning

    Their whole anticipation and reaction to the play action deep pass to Jordy was spot on. Hilarious

  2. E. Wolf

    The difference is what Bears fans say is just ridiculous, whereas the stuff Packers fan said was just expressing love and joy for our Packers.

  3. Andy

    Gotta say the packers one is funnier, watching the gREEEEG jenings video, complaining about aj hawk and the running game and easily the most predictable play in football the play action deep pass to jordy (I’m surprised that has worked as many times as it has)

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