Packers Pull One Out, Let’s All Breathe a Sigh of Relief

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Was it karma? The Green Bay Packers pulled out a 28-27 victory over the New Orleans Saints reminiscent of the opening night game of the 2011 season.

That is to say, two high-powered offenses trading blows for four quarters. Was it quite that? Probably not. Both of these teams were desperate. The Packers were 1-2 coming in and they were coming off a demoralizing game in Seattle, where the replacement officials ripped a victory away from the team at the last minute. New Orleans, considered a Super Bowl contender when the season started, was 0-3 and facing the potential unenviable 0-4 hole.

When the dust settled, the Packers got what they needed — a win — and they got it despite the bad-call theme continuing. The Packers were on the ass end of, arguably, three bad calls by the real officials. The worst one occurred on Darren Sproles‘ fourth-quarter kickoff return; Sproles lost the ball before going down and Dezman Moses came out of the pile with it, but the officials ruled Sproles down before the fumble. The Packers had no challenges at the time, so there was nothing Mike McCarthy could do about the botched call.

It seemed like deja vu all over again.

In the end, something ended up pushing Garrett Hartley‘s go-ahead field goal wide left. And here’s where we’ll point out that Russell Wilson threw three interceptions in St. Louis and the Seahawks lost to the Rams.

Remember that taste you had in your mouth last week? Like someone took a dump in it while you were sleeping?

Magically washed away!

Although the Packers defense looked a lot like the unit we came to know last season — giving up 475 yards, including 446 passing to Drew Brees — it never seemed like they were out of it. The Saints’ receivers were open all day over the middle, but the Packers took away the quick strike and snuffed out any sort running game New Orleans was pretending to have.

And let’s face it. Despite their record, Drew Brees is still one of the finest quarterbacks in the NFL. His ability to get rid of the ball and find an open receiver quickly is without parallel in the NFL.

The Packers defense did well to record two sacks on the night (Clay Matthews and C.J. Wilson).

Why haven’t we gotten to the Packers offense you’re probably wondering. Well, Aaron Rodgers and his receivers finally showed up. The stats tell that story.

Rodgers threw for 319, four touchdowns and one interception. He only had 10 incomplete passes. Jordy Nelson had eight for 93 and a touch. Randall Cobb, who gets more touches each week, had seven for 66. Jermichael Finley had his best game of the season with four for 54.

The stud of the evening, however, was the maddeningly inconsistent James James. Jones had five for 56 and two touchdowns. He also made the catch that sealed the game. And… did anyone really notice Greg Jennings spent the second half in street clothes on the sideline?

If you did, it’s only because they pointed it out on the broadcast.

The thing that made it all go was Cedric Benson, though. McCarthy actually gave the ball to Benson on a regular basis and he responded with 106 combined yards, 84 of those were on the ground. On 12 carries, that’s 4.7 per carry.

You’re expecting us to say the Packers offense is back, but let’s be honest. They had an awesome game… against what is by far the worst defense in the league thus far.

After last week, we’ll take it though.

The Packers bounced back like they needed to and they head to Indianapolis next weekend with some momentum. Things are looking up.

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14 Comments on "Packers Pull One Out, Let’s All Breathe a Sigh of Relief"

  1. therealChuckywasCecil

    Another officiating nightmare. Three awful calls or non-calls. All I know is the therapy I would have required to treat a second legitimate football rape in a week would have killed me. Thank the football gods it all worked out. What part of James Jones ass did he pull that last catch. Awesome.

  2. Ivomitonvikingfans

    I guess I am glad they won this fucking game. I know my family sure is glad they won this fucking game.(Dad won’t have to replace another fucking TV.) But this team is still teetering on the edge of suck. When did Ed Donatell start running the D again? Can they get off the field on third down? At least O-Line didn’t look incompetent today, we’ll see in a couple of weeks in Texas. I fear we may see more of Graham Harrell’s unfortunate existence after that game. Officials? We go from $10/hr temp agency losers who fail to overpaid, unaccountable, “fuck you I’m in a union” dicks who fail. Good lord.

  3. iltarion

    Pretty much incomprehensible that one week after the most public screwjob in NFL history, the Packers almost get a case of deja vu all over again.

    One would think that coming off that game, playing at home, the Packers would reap the benefit of nearly every judgement call imaginable. WRONG.

    Missing calls real time is one thing, but I am pretty pissed off at the replay official (again) who somehow looked at the same replay as the rest of us and yet still ruled that Graham had caught that pass. Seriously, what is the point of replay if it can’t overturn that OBVIOUS blown call?

    The Pack was royally effed on that, which opened the door for the even grander screwjob of the botched kickoff fumble.

    Once again the Pack failed to get any pressure on Brees, which left their secondary wide open for plundering. It seemed to me that the easiest victims were Packer safeties who continuously drop so deep that they are no factor even while Brees is throwing the ball 54 times.

    In fact, unfortunately, our safeties seemed only capable of stopping our own DBs from catching the ball.

    Came into this game with a bad feeling because of the epic collapse at the Ryder Cup and certainly felt more of it after the fumble and then the “non” fumble. Fortunately, the Packers had a couple plays go their way at the end that made the difference.

    Let’s hope the worm has fully turned.

  4. E. Wolf

    That our Packers gutted it out, after getting punched in the mouth by the refs and having all kinds of bad things go on, speaks volumes.
    During this past week, I sense the Seattle travesty would have a chain reaction that coud go in two ways. One would deflate the team, and set off a funk from which they could never recover-the other woud be that it galvanizes them, lighting off a fire in their belly.
    That shit taste won’t wash away until they secure a favorable playoff seed that at the very least, guarantees any game with Seattle is at Lambeau.

  5. Madcity Packer Fan

    I am very certain the remaining travels will be up hill for the Shehawks. We are in the process of picking up speed and wins. It’s just the beginning for us this season good things are on the horizon.

  6. Andy

    On the positive side, it felt good that for the first time since 07, the packers could call a run play and not get stuffed in the backfield. Benson at 4-5 per carry is looking like a beast. Also good to see Jones making clutch plays. If he plays well, I can see the packers parting with both jennings and Driver in the offseason.

    And it looks like the Classic Capers Defence from last year paid off – Get into a third and long, then leave all receivers uncovered and hope they drop it. Sure it failed 10 of 11 times, but when it counted sproles dropped it.

  7. Ender

    Can we also get a 2nd string QB that can not turn over the ball for 1 fucking play! And what the fuck, you’d think anyone who has ANYTHING to do with, or watches football knows how Green Bay got screwed against Seattle. Yet when the same fucking offensive pass interference happens, no flag gets thrown!? I’m relieved they won, but man, can we win without the reffs totally fucking up? I’d like to make it to Xmas with some hair on my head. O, AND FUCK YOU SEATTLE.

  8. Zappert

    Three blown calls? How about 5 at least? I’ve seen replacement crews better then this.
    Can’t understand the NFL didn’t scheduled one of there top teams for this game.
    Never saw so much missed field goals as in the last two weeks btw.

  9. Pack Lethal

    I hope that fuck stick who ripped Rodgers face off gets heavily fined or beat down in a parking lot. Apparently you not only don’t have to catch the ball to have a reception, but you can also catch the ball off the ground. Oh yeah offensive pass interference doesn’t apply to GB’s opponents this year, especially in the endzone. Obvious penalties should be reviewed on all scoring plays.

  10. flyboy7588

    It looks like the 2011 Packer defense showed up against the Saints. Let’s hope that was the last time they show up this year. REALLY lucky to win that one.

  11. the real russ letlow

    I was at the game, and honestly I was shocked when I saw the passing yards total for the Saints. It just didn’t seem like that much watching live, and it seemed like the D was playing tough, with emotion. Go figure. Loved the “the refs still suck chant”. had a blast with that.

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