No One on Packers Cares What Blake Baratz Says

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Remember when Jermichael Finley‘s agent Blake Baratz said Aaron Rodgers isn’t a leader? Well, apparently no one on the Green Bay Packers gives a shit what Blake Baratz says, including Jermichael Finley.

“Like I said, he’s got his own opinion. He’s an agent. He has tons of clients around the league. It’s not my problem what he sends out. I could (not) care less as long as he takes care of my business at the end of the day,” Finley said, while noting he wasn’t responsible for the comments.

“He’s a leader, man. Me and him talk and meet often, so I know his leadership role. I know what he can do. He’s a leader at the end of the day.”

For his part, Rodgers brushed the comments off.

“Regardless of who it was, it’s not something that we worry about in this locker room,” Rodgers added. “It’s not even something that I felt like I needed to have a sit-down conversation with Jermichael about because it didn’t come from him.”

While Rodgers played it cool, coach Mike McCarthy sounded like his panties were slightly bunched.

“To me that’s not something that’s, you know, I don’t really get involved with ignorant comments on social media,” McCarthy said. “That is not a locker room issue in my view. We spend a lot of time talking about the culture and more importantly what goes on with the health in our locker room. I feel strongly that we have a very healthy locker room. So that’s something that hasn’t been discussed.”

That’s pretty much what we expected from the Packers.

Here’s the real question though. Does Jermichael Finley need a new agent?

If I were him, I’d have to wonder what the hell my agent is doing making people question my relationship with my quarterback.

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9 Comments on "No One on Packers Cares What Blake Baratz Says"

  1. Adam

    “Like I said, he’s got his own opinion. He’s an agent. He has tons of clients around the league. It’s not my problem what he sends out.”

    Jermichael, he works for you. YOU employ him. You SHOULD care what your representative says about you and your team to the media.

  2. E. Wolf

    As I wrote before:

    If Finley does not fire the agent, he should be gone–today. Or traded. I have feared this guy would be of the Terrell Owens, Randy Moss ilk. Locker room cancer.

    This agent is, well, Finley’s AGENT. He represents him. Since he is not gone, you should be gone TODAY!

  3. the real russ letlow

    there are lots of classy agents that won’t put your fat in the fire with a freakin ignorant, asinine comment that he has no business making. I agree with everyone – FINLEY! fire the douche bag! he works for YOU!

  4. Jack

    Do you guys know the name of Cutler’s agent??? I have some questions for him regarding the leadership qualities of his client………what’s that you say; he represented by the sheep that gave birth to him…makes sense I guess – someone has to love him…..

  5. Everything Is Everything Green Bay

    Finley has a brain the size of a pea, hence the YOTTO bullshit. If we waited for the year that he decides to “take over” we’ll all be in the nursing home.

  6. Madcity Packer Fan

    Wow doesn’t this fuck head agent understand his living comes from representing athletes?! He might want to keep his fucking mouth shut or he might need to look for a change of profession! His opinion on Aaron’s leadership is complete garbage.

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