Mutiny On The Cutler

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Jay Cutler

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler didn’t handle his pounding at the hands of the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night very well, openly yelling at teammates during the game. Now they’re talking mutiny in Chicago.

PFT says there are concerns within the organization that Cutler’s teammates will turn on him.

[Thursday] night’s sideline incident with left tackle J’Marcus Webb, which featured Cutler swearing at and bumping the much bigger Webb, has created concerns within the organization that the players could eventually turn on Cutler, for good. That’s what a source with direct knowledge of the situation tells PFT.

Oh. You mean the honeymoon is over? But I thought the Bears were going to the Super Bowl this season?

Cutler has never displayed any sort of leadership qualities. Why the hell anyone thought he’d suddenly start doing so is beyond me.

Like any situation, success will make Cutler’s attitude problem a non-factor. If the Bears continue to suck as badly as they did this week, we’ll happily welcome the uprising.

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16 Comments on "Mutiny On The Cutler"

  1. Tom

    No……………we cant lose him, best tv I have ever seen and the best thing to happen to the pack in a while!!!!!!!

  2. DD

    The mutiny in Green Bay will be even worse when Rodgers finally comes out. The reaction from all those Tea Party hicks in that fat ass state will be priceless.

    • therealChuckywasCecil

      really? still stuck on the notion that Rodgers is gay? Wishful thinking? Only a person who clutches to the theory of our President’s Kenyan birth would still subscribe to this non-sense, whatever the size of their ass.

    • Vijay

      Have you visited Wisconsin…you’d be surprised how many ‘in shape’ people there are here. I see people all of the time that are simply cut up and riding Trek bikes, etc. We are no more fat ass than any other state in the union. Especially states in the south.

    • nurseratchett

      Ahhhh, DD is back with his tired fantasy that Aaron Rodgers is gay.

      I wish you had the money to move out of your mom’s basement, DD, then you could bring a ladyboy home from the drag shows you frequent & FINALLY get some man-ass! It will be the only thing that ends your obsession with A-Rog’s sexuality.

    • jaykat

      What’s DD stand for? Dildo? …we’ll go with that. So Dildo, have you watched the Windy Teachers strike footage? Tell me that’s not one rolling mass of cellulite and fugliness. Holy BeJesus !!

  3. Pack Lethal

    Guy’s, this DD peice of human refuse is a Brent Favre fan. He waits for posts of Rodgers so he can interject his horseshit comments. In his defense, I’m pretty sure that DD’s bipolar or has some sort of detatchment disorder ie ( he misses watching Brent Favre’s butt jiggle on the field) So take it easy on the reject, we wouldn’t want him doing something brash like say jump off a 10 story building ;-)

  4. DD

    I can tell how much you all don’t care that your team’s QB is a homo by all the over the top defensive reactions. You fat hicks are a riot! Nice job with Paul Ryan too. You give us a homo QB and psycho Tea Party hick. Thanks Wisconsin.

    • Ed Gein

      I don’t think Rodgers is gay. I do know he is into beastiality because he’s bangs the shit out of Bears and Lions. It’s gross but it’s what he does.

    • jaykat

      If that were true Dildo, you’re team just got ounked by a homo, and you’re state produced the worst president in history. Hey but you’re proud …

  5. Pack Lethal

    I live in Minnesota, I can’t drive 3 blocks without seeing a fat ice fishing hick. Maybe if DD left his county once in a while he’d realize that the country of USA as a whole is fat. My friends who live in Wisconsin run marathons, work out all the time, and are too busy/ don’t care for hunting(I can think of 20 off hand) My friends from Minnesota have big beer guts and eat at buffets. So tell us more about how everyone’s fat hicks in Wisconsin DD you Favre fan asshat.

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