Jim Harbaugh Really Likes the Packers

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Jim Harbaugh

If you listen to the bluster coming from San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, you might figure the Green Bay Packers are going to kill his team when they face off this Sunday.

That’s because the 49ers coach pretty much thinks the Packers are the greatest team ever assembled. Here’s what he told KNBR 680 radio on Tuesday.

“This a great Packers team. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb saying this is Mike McCarthy‘s best team that he’s had in Green Bay.”

Unless Harbaugh can see the future, it seems pretty foolhardy to label this Packers team McCarthy’s best before they even play a regular-season game. After all, they did win the Super Bowl two seasons ago and they went 15-1 last season.

“The quarterback is playing at the highest level in the history of the game.”

Aaron Rodgers did set the all-time mark for QB rating last season, but in the Pantheon of great quarterbacks, we’d probably still rate guys like Joe Montana and Bart Starr ahead of him. In the Pantheon of great quarterbacks, we would not rate Jim Harbaugh ahead of him, though.

“A-plus at the wide receiver position.”

And an A-plus to you, sir!

“Outstanding defense that they’ve really added to — they spent their first six picks in the draft on defense. Dom Capers is a tremendous defensive coach.”

This defense hasn’t proven anything. Sure, they should be better than last season, but they’re young. And let’s not forget, they couldn’t get any worse than the historically bad Packers defense of 2011.

“I could go on and on here. This is a great football team that could be expected to win every game they play.”

They probably will be expected to win every game they play. What does that get them? A second-round exit in the playoffs if they’re not careful.

Look, we’re enthusiastic about the season and this Packers team, but we’re a little more realistic than Harbaugh. The Packers will be in for a battle on Sunday when they’ll face what’s probably the best defense in the league and a powerful rushing attack, which is something the Packers have shown zero aptitude for stopping.

Thanks for the kudos though, Jimmy.

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6 Comments on "Jim Harbaugh Really Likes the Packers"

  1. Richard

    Harbaugh knows that these answers give him the best form of damage control. It doesn’t help that every anal-lyst is picking the worst defense in NFL history to rebound a year later and win a Super Bowl.

  2. Darrin

    Say what you will – Harbaugh is a damn good coach. I’m just glad the Bears weren’t smart enough to hire him and give Lovie the hook.

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