Jay Cutler’s Mind is Blown!

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Jerel Worthy

Leave it to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler to say the most Jay Cutler thing ever.

Cutty was on Chicago radio this morning, where he took some offense to the media coverage surrounding his yelling at and bumping left tackle J’Marcus Webb during his team’s loss to the Green Bay Packers.

First, he addressed that.

“I probably shouldn’t have bumped him, I’ll go with that. As far as me yelling at him and trying to get him going in the game, I don’t regret that,” Cutler said on ESPN 1000 in Chicago. “I’ve talked about it with the offensive line, each of them individually, and it is what it is. I think it’s been blown up probably a bit bigger than all of us expected. At the same time, that’s what you have to expect out of the media.”

Probably shouldn’t have bumped him, bro. Then Cutty went on to utter this perfect Jay Cutler gem while the host was asking him about problems on the Bears offense.

“These are guesses. You’re guessing. Admit that you’re guessing,” Cutler said, as host Marc Silverman tried to finish his question. “Yes, you are guessing. You are guessing. How can you say you’re not guessing? This blows my mind.”

Mind = Blown!

Hell yeah! Our minds are blown too, bro.

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12 Comments on "Jay Cutler’s Mind is Blown!"

  1. PackerBob

    This ladies and gentlemen is douche baggery at it’s finest level. Bow down to the master.


  2. Pack Lethal

    Cutler needs a mini vaccuum to extract all the sand from his vagina before all that shit turns into a pearl.

    • nurseratchett

      well, if he had pearls in his vagina, then he’d be worth a helluva lot more than he is as a qb.

      I wonder what finley’s agent thinks of Jay’s leadership?

  3. Ken Bacudis

    The chinless whiner strikes again.

    I am not guessing on this.

    A narcissistic / blame everyone else, fucking crybaby……

    no talent, empty ball-sack, piece of camel dung, the league has ever seen.

  4. E. Wolf

    There needs to be a vid of this. Every time I watch him on camera he has that same, dazed out look that bukkake whores have after servicing 20-30 guys. Whatever he says is remiss without the horrible body language that can only be further described as MENSTRUAL in nature.

  5. Andy

    I gotta say having Jay as the bears Qb is great. It makes whooping them so much more enjoyable. It also makes you really appreciate having a true pro on our team like rodgers as opposed to this whinny douche

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