Conan is Lampooning the Replacement Refs [Video]

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replacement officials

This is a great. The most popular sport in the country is a mockery. Why? Because Roger Goodell and his cronies continue to think it’s a good idea to use scab officials in NFL football games.

The results of this charade have been comical, so leave it to Conan O’Brien to make fun of it.

Don’t you think it’s time to do something when your league has become late-night TV fodder, Rog? Oh, sorry. Who am I to question the infinite wisdom of the NFL.

(Via Guyism)

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4 Comments on "Conan is Lampooning the Replacement Refs [Video]"

  1. iltarion

    Is the NFL losing even a single dollar?

    Have the TV ratings dropped?

    Are people not going to the games?

    Then I fail to see why the NFL should feel any urgency whatsoever.

  2. Stacy

    What is the REAL hold up that Roger Goodell can’t give the REAL officiating referees whatever it is that they are asking for? Wait iltarion no you make a point that there is no urgency for the NFL to do anything but you would think that the players or the owners don’t want their teams to go down in flames because some ass thinks he’s better than everyone else and can do what he pleases even though games are at stake and even more so the fighting on the field for EVERY GAME is going to end up with someone being seriously injured by these scabs that don’t know a football from a hole in the ground. I really truly hope it is one of these scab referees that gets the blunt of the blow when there is a serious pile up and there is an injury.

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