Brett Favre Joins the Fray

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We’ve seen quite a few memes or wannabe memes about the Green Bay Packers loss to the Seattle Seahawks this week. We haven’t been compelled to post any of them until now.

Apparently, this one — featuring everyone’s favorite quarterback, Brett Favre — has been making the email rounds in Wisconsin. At least that’s what reader Gary Fleckinger tells us.

Gary sent this to us and, well, we love it. Now you can love it too.

Maybe the first time we laughed all week.

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18 Comments on "Brett Favre Joins the Fray"

  1. Donny H.

    Fuck Brent right in the ear. Green Bay had to ship out Mark Brunell and Matt Hasselbeck for this arrogant twat.

    We had teams good enough during Favre’s tenure to win 4-5 Super Bowls. His two backups probably wouldn’t have netted 3 MVPs but they sure as hell would have gotten us more than 1 measly Title.

    Brent and Shithead Sherman wasted Ahman Green’s career!

  2. john

    grow up guys. Brett made it fun to be a Packer fan again, brought the title back to Title Town. Frustrating at times sure

    Donny, where you old enought to be watching football back then?

    • Donny H.

      I was 10 when XXXI happened. Brett could do anything that season but so could ANY decent starting QB if they were in his place. Think about it.

      You got a kick ass defense that will win you time of possession. You got Desmond Howard giving you great field position. A stellar o-line giving you time to throw. Young, talented receivers (even without brooks halfway through). And to quote a really good song (bonus points if you can name it) “Were happy because we got 2 tight ends. Because Sterling Sharpe, he whines alot, hes on the ESPN.”

      In conclusion, if Brent gets benched in ’93 in favor of Brunell then we still have a Super Bowl that season. Ron Wolf brought the title back, not Favre.

  3. Pack Lethal

    Brett Favre was dead to me when he played for the Viqueens. I still liked him when he played for the jets. He hated the Packers.

    If DD didn’t always have dicks in his butthole he wouldn’t talk about it all the time.

  4. Cry me a river

    Donny H.,
    Are you serious about a Super Bowl win in 93? If you are serious, that is wishful thing at it’s finest & I will know to ignore your posts due to delusional thinking & meritless argument.

    • Donny H.


      Your obvious trolling is obvious. The cowgirls and 9ers dominated the early 90s – this is a fact known by everyone. My post is clearly referring to the 1 title earned by the back during the ’96 season.

      But I’ll help you out with this concept since your reading comprehension is piss poor. Brett was very fortunate to be part of one of the most complete teams every fielded. The outstanding skill surrounding him made him a better player, not the other way around. So again, if he would have been benched in place of Mark Brunell 3 years earlier, the Pack STILL brings the Lombardi home in the ’96 season.

      P.S. Eat a dick.

      That is all.

      • DD

        Your hero, Ron Wolf who you say saved the franchise, admitted his biggest regret was that he surrounded Favre with poor offensive talent. Favre’s top two receivers were hurt for most of that season. And he was still the league MVP. He’s the only player on that offense who is going to the Hall of Fame. If they were such a “complete” team as you say, it is only because Favre was on the offense. You lose brah.

  5. Pack Lethal

    DD that is such an old subject. It would be like trying to convince people why you think John Kerry should have won the election. Stop living in the past and see a shrink.

  6. the real jeff ircink

    donny h. is delusional…..duhhhhhhhhhhh. it’s best you finish that lobotomy you were in the middle of…..

  7. cry me a river

    “In conclusion, if Brent gets benched in ’93 in favor of Brunell then we still have a Super Bowl that season. Ron Wolf brought the title back, not Favre.”
    “……….93′ in favor of Brunnell….we still have a Super Bowl that season.”
    It is confusing.

    “……….part of one of the most complete teams every fielded.”
    ……..every fielded???
    Need I say more?

    My reading comprehension is quite excellent. Use of basic communication skills goes far in debate & debates provide an orderly format for sharing ideas & exploring topics through well-planned arguments. Debate challenges the mind! Use of belittlement is a thinly veiled displacement of intellect & you don’t need to do that as I’m quite certain you have something intelligent to share. As for trolling, I do like competitive match-ups & the corresponding debate associated with the NFL. Where better to get deep insight into a team than it’s most ardent supporters? If the Packers are that good (I believe they are though I do question the O-line & would like to see the D have more flexibility for use in creative blitz packages), then they can withstand the scrutiny of inquiry! Yea, I’m here for the season!

  8. Wolf Packer

    Donny H shut the fuck up with that we woulda gone n won a sb with anyone shit. you were 10 whatta you know. dd are you a viking or da bear or just pure dumbshit. cry mite have a point with the oline saints d is shit fuckin bulaga

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