Brett Favre Is Over It, Packers May Not Be

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Brett Favre is talking about the Green Bay Packers again because, let’s face it — he has nothing else to do and needs attention.

So what does Favre have to say this time? Well, as you’d expect, he’s doing his usual ass-kissing routine, but he also says he’s over it. Over what? Well, being a petty dick toward the organization that made him, I guess.

“Even though it’s a shame the way things went down, as time goes by, it’s kind of like a girl, you just get over it,” Favre said in an ESPN podcast.

He then did a song and dance about how good Aaron Rodgers is and how thankful he was to be part of the Packers organization.

Although the Packers have said they’ll retire his number, they obviously haven’t made any effort to bring him back into the fold in the near future (the Hall of Fame did, but he rebuffed them).

“I know that day, how it will unfold, I have no idea when that will happen. I don’t think their side is thinking about that. They’re trying to get back to the Super Bowl, and really I’ve got my plate full. I think that’s good for both sides, not that we don’t need to shake hands and move on. I think in some ways that has happened, but I do see the day, it’s going to happen. When? I have no idea.”

So the Packers aren’t thinking about Brett Favre.

Funny. Neither are we.

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33 Comments on "Brett Favre Is Over It, Packers May Not Be"

  1. therealChuckywasCecil

    man, it’s been three weeks since we heard he was coaching high school football. I guess that’s as long as he could stand being out of the news.

    Nice to hear he’s over it. I guess being bitter was wearing him down and he needs the energy. After all, his plate is full.

  2. Adam

    I actually want them to hurry the hell up and get it over with. That way this can stop becoming an issue every offseason.

  3. the real russ letlow

    I guess the good ol’ days seem a bit better when you’re not trying to “stick it” to Ted Thompson and the Packers. He’s long gone and the Packers still roll on. go figure…….

  4. Pack Lethal

    C’mon, Favre is a good guy. He even personally autographed an enlarged picture of his penis for me, which is more than I can say about Rodgers.

  5. Mike R

    It’s not an issue Adam. Honestly, nobody cares anymore. Nobody cares about this dick bag. Go away please you dumb redneck.

  6. Richard

    Richard, you seem to have some problems. Maybe too much time spent with Pack Lethal at rest stops has finally pushed you over the edge…

  7. Pack Lethal

    Richard DD Travis Jervey(same guy), you’re starting to creep me out bruh. You need professional help. Maybe along the way take some classes on how descrimination and beastiality is not acceptable in today’s society. So put down mein kampf and pull your dick out of that goat you’re screwing and stop being a prejudiced redneck. Oh and stop mating with your sister, it’s bad for the dried up river of a shallow gene pool that you’ve come from.

  8. Richard

    Yeah, I need to head back to school. Learn how to spell you uneducated moron. This isn’t even a challenge anymore. What is “descrimination”? Are you making up words now? Key points in that last post: Pack Lethal, his sister, beastiality, goats…man you are a seriously troubled individual.

  9. Pack Lethal

    Hey Richard old pal, you must be running out of material when you stoop to the level of typo insults and stealing my insults, you fucking “I know you are but what am I” un-creative piece of white trash. When you come up with an original idea let me know because the repeating my posts is getting lame you stupid hick.

  10. Travis Jervey

    Pack Lethal, you tell people not to “descriminate” but then you go ahead and discriminate. Your posts are hateful.

  11. Richard

    I never talked shit about Rodgers, I just mentioned his obvious sexual orientation. If you consider that hateful, then you must have a real problem with gay people

  12. Pack Lethal

    How is it relavent to football what sexual orientation a player prefers. Just because you think he’s gay doesn’t mean everyone on Total Packers needs to hear it. I really don’t think he’s gay and nor do I want to know even if he was. All I care about is how well Rodgers does on the field. You and your disrespectful gay suggestions toward Rodgers is uncalled for because you only do it to be irritating. Clearly you have a problem with homosexual athletes, otherwise you wouldn’t feel the need to speculate about Rodgers on a post. If you respected the guy you would post about relavent things like how many TD’s he should throw for.

  13. nurseratchett

    I came to this post expecting rants or odes of forgiveness to Brent, but instead becomes about sexual orientation…or maybe it is all about he-who-shall-not-be-named….hmmmm.

    Anyway….my thoughts are the same as they have been on TP EVERYTIME Brent’s return to the fold is mentioned. He can retire a Packer if he makes one play. That play being when we are beating the crap out of the Vikings, he comes in to take a knee for Rodgers. Retire his jersey & kick him to the fucking curb. Except to prance him out for fundraising purposes.


  14. Richard

    You’re wrong pack lethal. I don’t have a problem with homosexual athletes at all. I happen to think Rodgers is awesome.

  15. the real jeff ircink

    “So the Packers aren’t thinking about Brett Favre.Funny. Neither are we.”

    oh really? and yet, here you are…with an article on Favre. morons.

  16. Jo Hadler

    Well gentelman, I want to let you know I am disgusgted with you. I am disgusted with the media also. I am tired of hearing you swear, and beat up on someone who did so much for the Packers. I am thinking of Favre, which none of you are. I was happy when he went to the Vikings and almost got to the superbowl. I am disgusted with you men who are jealous you do not have Favre’s career or money. In case you do not remember people are suppose to have careers to make them happy. When managment changes in most companies guess what many good people are let go? Managment wants their own people for good or bad and the loyal people of the previous managment are out. Media, not Favre turned his career into a circus. He should have told them to go away and that he would let them know when he decides to retire. He was devastated when he lost and should not have retired under emotional moments. It made no sense. Had he known what the rules are he would not have retired until June if at all. Most of you supposed sports men, are just self obnoxious people and have no thanks for someone who did so much for football. I am sorry he played lights out football when his father died. That is now only a memory, and no thanks. I would not want any of ;you as my friend or team mate as you do not have anyone’s back but your own. In case you do not know I am a woman and I appreciate the work of others. I wanted Favre traded to the Bears so he could go to the super bowl when they went as I was certain the Packers would not be going to another superbowl in time for Favre to benefit. I felt he did so much for the Packers and he deserved to go and play somewhere else so he could go to the superbowl. I saw Star’s career end on a losing note, and I did not want Favre’s to end the same way. You critics show your stripes and most of you will never be quality people or a true friend to a great player

  17. Pack Lethal

    I don’t think Rodgers is gay ( agree to disagree), I have absolutely no problem with homosexual people in general, and Rodgers is the fucking man. I have mad respect for what the dude’s done for the franchise. Last but not least I have no problem with Richard anymore. The Hatfield McCoy shit should end. Thanks Nurseratchet, you’re a cool chick!

  18. icebowl

    Almost feel sorry for Burt.
    He’s Just a washed-up, angry retired gun-slinger who can’t face up to the fact that he made a mistake bailing on the greatest franchise in all of sports….
    Fuget about him !

  19. Nick

    I was at the Colt’s game yesterday with some client’s (nothing to do when the packers aren’t playing) and they retired Edgerrin James number. They had a video clip of Peyton Manning thanking Edgerrin. That place went absolutely crazy for Peyton. As much as I love the packers, it sucked to see another organization that actually handled a huge QB controversy. Favre was a dick, but who wouldn’t be when the Packers tried to put him to sleep. Kudos to the Colt’s for knowing how to handle a QB controversy. The only reason they didn’t have problems is because they didn’t put any restrictions on where Peyton could play. Rest assured, Ted or anyone else won’t make that mistake again when its time to move on from AR.

  20. Cry me a river

    Pack Lethal,
    Classless! Pure classlessness! Favre is the man that broke your 30+ year drought, that’s who he is. Rodgers is the guy that won 6 straight tough games that garnered a Super Bowl Victory followed by the softest schedule any team EVER encountered anywhere & got mashed for their sins when it mattered! Favre has earned respect for this organization (& to a lesser degree so has Rodgers) & made this team, not only competitive, but lifted the specter of being a perennial doormat!

  21. Cry me a river

    Did I say 30+ years? My mistake! I meant 25 years! 25 years with only two double-digit wins until Favre arrived & changed everything & gave Green Bay fans a team they could take pride in.

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