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21 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers’ Pizza Hut Commercials [Video]"

  1. DD

    Man that second one is seriously queer. Wonder if those bags under his eyes are from anal irritation and all those late nights swallowing dong. Apparently getting fucked in the butt gives you the bug eyes.

  2. E. Wolf

    WTF is this shit….. I do not like this one bit. For starters, Pizza Hut is horrible. It used to be good, in the 80s. More importantly, these commercials are simply emasculating. Rodgers obviously did no write them, but he did sign off on them and agreed to do them.

  3. Dan

    Damn Haters! A-Rod probably got paid $750,000 to say 3 sentences. Would you do these commercials for that check. Oh yeah no one with that kind of money knows who you are. Let the man make his money. Go Pack Go!

  4. Richard

    Apparently that tool sitting next to Rodgers doesn’t mind Aaron rubbing Ryan Braun’s ball sweat all over his mouth. These are seriously ghey.

    • nurseratchett

      Richard, you & DD should plan a closet exiting together!

      I’m an ordained minister, so I’ll meet you both in Iowa to gay marry you.

  5. Pack Lethal

    When you have the maturity level of a teenager every thing is gay. Grow up little boys. Even if he was gay who cares. Get with the times and stop being prejudiced Nazis.

    • E. Wolf

      Hey–Nazis are people too, you know. And they tended to have a higher level of maturity and culture.
      Some of these posters are immature, and quite reminiscent of Idiocracy, calling everything gay.
      But even a broken clock is righ twice a day.
      These commercials are awful. I hope their rotation is short lived.

  6. Richard

    Wow, some serious denial in here. I didn’t necessarily mean it as an insult, but it says something when Eli can do NFL network commercials dressed as a fairy and it is not even half as ghey as Aaron just being Aaron in a Pizza Hut ad.

    • Ivomitonvikingfans

      Eli didn’t dress as a fairy. He is a fucking fairy. He is the Karl Childers of Fairies, not neccessarily feminine, but Hershey loving none the less. DD should be able to explain next time you two get together to relive your cell block bromance.

  7. Richard

    It’s OK, Pack Lethal. The key to your addiction is to avoid pizza hut and especially their “stuffed crust” promotion at all costs. Once you pass that test, it’s a good plan for you to pretend you like women, even though none of them will believe you for obvious reasons.

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