Aaron Rodgers’ New Ford Commercial [Video]

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Aaron Rodgers for Ford

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a new Ford commercial.

In it, he hits a pickup truck in stride for the touchdown. You know, if trucks and people played football together, which would be totally awesome.

We’ve got the video and the behind the scenes. In the latter, it shows Rodgers hitting the truck bed with the football.

Two takes. The director says it will take three and Rodgers bets on the under. Of course, the director also calls a route a “root.” As in, think of this truck as a receiver running a “root.” Probably not a football guy.

(Via Fuck Yeah, Aaron Rodgers)

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14 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers’ New Ford Commercial [Video]"

  1. TyKoSteamboat

    Enough with all the fucken commercials…
    This shit is getting outta hand.
    Just play football dammit.
    We’re starting to look like an annoying, tool-bag team with a buncha soft sell-outs.

  2. Richard

    Uh oh, a Packer criticism. Pack Lethal will be by shortly to let you know you are not a ‘real’ Packer fan.

  3. Pack Lethal

    Rodgers is the man! Proud to be from Wisconsin and proud of our MVP QB! I can’t wait until we play the Seahawks on Monday. Go Pack Go!

  4. Pack Lethal

    Come on DD, at least put some effort into you’re posts. A truck comercial has nothing to do with sexual orientation. You’re starting to sound desperate for attention dude. Maybe you could find a hobby instead of wasting your time blogging about your dislike for our QB.

  5. therealChuckywasCecil

    Wow – only took 7 comments before I read the first obligatory gay remark. Man, who fricken cares? I don’t spend a lot of time (none, actually) considering it.

    No matter who he likes, hitting that truck bed on the second attempt was amazing. He has won a Super Bowl, a Super Bowl MVP, a league MVP and is respected as one of the top 5 QB’s in the game by almost anyones account, yet there are a few who continue this campaign. What will make the few happy?

  6. Daaaave

    I’m a video producer and I don’t think there is any way that isn’t digital FX. I know A-Rodg can hit the bed of the truck but to keep it perfectly timed with his line is nearly impossible. Also even if he hits the bed of the truck, how likely is it the ball doesn’t bounce right out of it. It could take dozens of takes to get all of it just right. Nowdays it’s much cheaper to just do it digitally. The way this is shot just screams fakery. Even in the behind the scenes shot, he makes the throw and then the camera makes a motion-blurred whip pan over to the truck (this is a classic way to hide an edit) topped off with a snap zoom in to a very tight shot of the truck (which leaves fewer frames that the post FX guy has to composite the ball into. If a camera guy were just shooting this for grins his instinct would be to follow the ball in the air. Again, I’m not saying he didn’t hit the target in two takes just that the final commercial shot AND the behind the scenes both look like they were probably faked digitally.

  7. Grant

    Hey Daaaaaaave,
    I work with the company that shot and edited these commercials. There are no VFX, that was the actual second take.

  8. Daaaave

    If you say so, but when I watch the two angles they don’t match up very well. In the final spot he turns and releases in less than a second. In the other clip he waits a full 2 seconds before delivering the ball. Digitally re-timed maybe? And then why not shoot the ball in the air on a shot that is already kind of wide? Again, I have NO DOUBT he could pull it off, but the video evidence is not that convincing, and faking it is relatively easy for professional VFX people.

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