Packers Have Awesome Uniforms, According to Some ESPN Guy

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Clay Matthews and Cullen Jenkins

It really amazes me the stupid shit ESPN comes up with these days. Yesterday, they compared Kobe Bryant with an actual black mamba. Today, they’ve ranked the uniforms in the four major pro sports.

Do we have the breakdown? You’re damn right we have the breakdown! We love ESPN’s pointless drivel! Completely subjective lists fucking rule! Yeah!

The Green Bay Packers came in second among NFL teams and sixth overall.

Green and gold is the perfect autumnal color palette for a fall sport, the road design just about holds its own with the home uni, and the Pack’s helmet logo still feels vibrant and relevant (unlike, say, the Bears’ logo, which is starting to feel dated). Green Bay also has leapfrogged ahead of most NFL teams by not switching to the new Nike collar. Only two quibbles: The TV numbers have gotten intrusively large, and my kingdom for some striped socks.

The Chicago Bears were the top-ranked NFL team and second overall. No. 1 overall went to the Montreal Canadiens.

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12 Comments on "Packers Have Awesome Uniforms, According to Some ESPN Guy"

  1. TyKoSteamboat

    We also have the coolest throw-back unis too…

    The 1929 throwbacks are sick…i’m happy we’re going to be wearing them again once this season & once again next season…


    • TyKoSteamboat

      I dunno…2 seasons ago it was against the 40Whiners at home (week 10 i think)

      Last year against the Lambs week 6

      The NFL regulated the throwbacks for 2 home & 2 away games per season for 4 seasons for GB (i’m not 100% sure, but i’m pretty sure of this)…
      However, GB chooses to just wear the unis one home game per season…

      Side note: notice that the ViQueens wear the old-school purple while at home vs. the NFC Norris opponents…kinda nostalgic

  2. iltarion

    I also like the throwbacks. Curly Lambeau had the better fashion sense with blue and gold, but you gotta go with green and gold when you are GREEN BAY.

  3. TyKoSteamboat

    Let’s all just STOP this!!!!

    When you think of cool/nostalgic uniforms, you should only think about the Philly Eagles, Cinci Bengals & Jax Jaguars…

    The best-looking jerseys in the NFL… ;)

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