Here’s Where We Apologize

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Yesterday, we posted an item about Shannon Eastin, who will become the first female referee in NFL history when the Green Bay Packers meet the San Diego Chargers on Thursday.

Like most things, we completely made fun of the situation and didn’t think much about it. Well, that was wrong.

The commentary we originally posted was insensitive, especially to women. Although we thought we were making a joke and people would see the humor, we failed. Just like we fail at life on a regular basis.

Today, after reflecting a bit, we feel like total crap. We’re truly sorry and hope you accept this apology. The post has since been removed and we promise to do better next time.

Anyone who knows us, knows we love women. We also support their involvement with the Green Bay Packers. We hope we didn’t piss anyone off too much because that wasn’t the intent and we deeply regret it.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

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  1. Carla with a "C"

    I am a good looking woman, and I am insulted that you would remove that post. I loved it and used it as motivation to become a better softball player last night for my girlfriend(s). Seriously, you should never give up. Us bitches never give up on the softball diamond, and you are clearly a quitter by removing your prior post… Rainbow Warriors Softball 4Ever! p.s. I am like B. Favre cause love Deanna AND Jen Sterger and I have a rocket arm…

    • John with a "J"

      Why not let your fans here be the judge of your beauty by posting pics of yourself in either the UH Warriors uniform or maybe a refs outfit. Now that Would get Brett Favres atention,Just like Jen Sterger.Women in Uniform issue?

  2. Kathy

    Perhaps you thought it was funny, Jordan, but to some of us who are old enough to remember and were told growing up “you can’t do that because you’re a girl” it’s not funny. It’s easy to take things for granted when women doing things like going into space or participating in sports is a given and not something extraordinary.

  3. Berryjs

    While being told by people that you cannot do something best on your genitalia is wrong, that doesn’t mean you have to get all upset about an article on a website viewed by young people who know the type of humor being portrayed on this website.
    It bottles my mind that of all the things on these interwebs that are offensive, you make this your stand. There are literally NEO Nazi websites promoting a race war. On the list of people saying fucked up shit online this is no where near the top. Keep up the good fight.

    • Farah

      Newsflash. I’m a young person. I didn’t think it was funny. I may be able to recognize the attempt at humor, but that doesn’t mean it was appropriate.

      As a young person growing up in Green Bay, I’ve been told a number of times that I can’t do something because I am female. By teachers. And coaches. The people who are supposed to encourage you to do your best in whatever you’ve set your mind to do. I played on the boys’ football team in middle school and got plenty of flack – even bordering on threats – from coaches who didn’t want me there. Was I awesome at football? Not really – pretty average I would say. But the point is that I shouldn’t be discouraged from trying to find out if I was good at it, just because I’m a girl. Just like this woman shouldn’t be objectified and stereotyped, even in jest, because of her gender.

      • Berryjs

        @Farah With a mouth like that I don’t know how you will ever get a man sweetie. Get the fuck fuck over it. It doesn’t matter what gender, ethnicity, or religion you are. At some point we all are in the minority and catch some flack for it. If your life is so awful because of a middle school experience I suggest you see a Dr. The times I was ridiculed growing up I look back on now as moments of personal growth, as I am sure most people do.

        p.s. Say hi to the cats for me.

        • Farah

          Pfffhahaha. Thanks for your completely ridiculous and over-reactive response. My mouth and I surely needed a laugh, though the cats weren’t amused with your language or your assumptions about my life.

          Hope that little vent made you feel good about yourself today.

          • Berryjs

            Great I was hoping we could all laugh about this after a while. I am glad that you got my sense of humor.

            p.s. No shit you really had cats? Who knew?

      • E. Wolf

        The people who are supposed to encourage you to do your best in whatever you’ve set your mind to do. I played on the boys’ football team in middle school and got plenty of flack – even bordering on threats – from coaches who didn’t want me there.

        This certifies that you are a radical feminist. Whether you like it or not, there are fundamental differences between men and women that make them different, which is why women or young girls should not be on a men;s football team. It is also why, for example, promiscuity takes ona far different dimension for men than it does for women from the basic mechanics involved (difference between running your finger along frosting ona cake and having a taste versus taking some unknown thing inside you) to the costs involved (costs associated with sex are much higher for women, eg women can die from pregnancy) to the fact it is much easier for women to find partners thanit is for men (any woman-ANY WOMAN!–can get laid,for men it actually takes a lot of hardwork and skill).
        If i had to bet, you are a man-hating dyke, either that or man-hating woman in less than voluntary celibacy. Even if i am wrong about that, it is that sort of radical feminism which is having a very destructive toll on our country, anda big reason why there is a dating war going on, leading to more lonely unhappy on both sides, more divorces and so on.
        I get why some may have found the joke distasteful, but if if the calls were coming from the sort who think that women should be on the football team, I do not need to hear anymore about what’s going on.

        • Farah

          I’m pretty sure I don’t even need to respond with anything of substance here. Because you just made yourself out to be a complete jerk.

          • E. Wolf

            Oh really-where did i go wrong? By maintaining there are profound, fundamental differences between men women, or that the sort of radial feminism you espouse has hurt both sexes?
            To the contrary, i am pretty sure you are running from a fight because you don’t have a leg to stand on.

          • Farah

            Somehow I feel I will be wasting my time trying to explain this to you, but let me attempt anyway:

            1.) I’m not sure how you made a jump from me playing football in middle school to me being a radical (or radial) feminist. I wanted to play, there were no rules against it, so I signed up. Some of the mail coaches told me if I “knew what was good for me” I’d quit. I find this an extremely inappropriate way for a grown man to address a 13 year old girl. That does not make me a feminist.

            2.) I don’t disagree with you that there are fundamental differences between men and women. God created us different, and I appreciate that He did. But growing up in GB loving football and wanting to play hardly seems like basis for accusing me of being destructive to society.

            3.) You comments about women and men and promiscuity are, in my opinion, not relevant, and a bit odd to include here.

            4.) Regardless of my sexuality (I’m straight), saying that based on the paragraph of text I wrote, you’ve determined that I am a man-hating ____ is completely asinine. First of all, calling anyone a slur like that is rude and unnecessary. Second, you don’t know anything about me other than what I wrote above. My views on female roles in society are completely unknown to you, except for the fact that I don’t think I should have been threatened by coaches to quit the football team when I was thirteen.

            So before you accuse me of contributing to cultural discord between men and women, you might want to take moment to consider how big of a leap you just made. You made yourself sound ridiculous. Maybe you’re more reasonable in real life, but based on the evidence you’ve provided me, I’m not inclined to think so.

          • E. Wolf

            at Farrah–

            The questoon is why you wanted to play. I suspect they stem from the same reasons that got your panties in a bunch concerning this blog’s “sexist” humor. Cmon sweetheart–who are you trying fool? The uppity girl who wants to play on the football team is such a cliche move from the feminist playbook.
            If you really agreed that there are fundamental differences between men and women, you would not take the position that women should play football, at least with men. Even in middle school, the aggregate difference in strength size and other physical factors is too great. We see these differences in other areas, such as the differences in men and women’s basketball stemming from these differences (they might as well be different sports given, for example, how rare a slam dunk is in the latter) to vastly different physical requirements for men and women in the military.
            As for the other comment, forgive me for the playing the odds. Despite your protestations, you fit that Ellen Degeneres, Rachel Maddow gestalt to a “T.”

          • E. Wolf

            Oh and i want to add that the bit about the different dynamics and also costs for men and women associated with promiscuity is used to demonstrate just one way of many that men and woman are different.
            Isn’t that one of the rallying cries of “grrls” like you–that it is unfair to call promiscuous women sluts while society condones such behavior in men?

      • Berryjs

        @Adam in what world do you live in where you cant watch Its Always Sunny? I am so sorry for you! I ment Bottles

        • Berryjs

          Oh and instead of correcting things that clearly go over your head, just try and think of something witty to say.

  4. PackerBoB

    First, I completely support women referees in the NFL. I also think this site makes fun of a lot of people for various reasons (i.e. Brett Favre).

    But I don’t get why people are upset about this site poking fun at a female referee when it seems like nobody complains about the pictures of half-naked women that are only posted because they are dating football players.

  5. Jordan

    It was funny. If someone was offended, they should have stopped reading the article. No reason to take it down.

  6. Pack Lethal

    No worries Monty. I think women should ref lingerie league games wearing black and white striped thong underwear and lacy bras.

  7. doug

    no offense meant, and none taken!. but i’m a dude, too……………doesn’t mean I won’t continue to tune in!!

  8. Chris

    I believe the apology was heartfelt and I doubt you realized this was there but, making an apology about being insensitive to women and then placing underneath it in the other posts “You might like” as “Cheryl Kalil: Hottest MILF In NFC North [Photos]” doesn’t seem to sell the apology too well.

  9. Denny

    It was funnny, If you got offended or got hurt by it, guess what nobody forced you to read and respond to it. Get over it and move on. People need to stop making a “Mountain” out of a “mole hill”.

  10. Rodney Dangerfield

    Well, I tell ya. I don’t get no respect. No respect at all. I’m datin’ older women now, I love older women. Why, the woman I’m datin’ now is so old, LIncoln used to celebrate HER birthday.

  11. Vijay

    Oh no, your intent was pretty clear…and some people still feel the way you do from that post. Not me per se, but some people I’m sure.

  12. brad

    I’m a white male over 50 years old. I am so fucked. I only can wish I were a minority, a woman, or better yet, a minority woman. Fuck you – all of you oversensitive cunts.

    • RodgerDat

      Fuck, and I thought you guys held back…

      I respect and love women, but lets be real. They dont belong anywhere near the football field unless they have a mic in their hand or a 1st aid kit.

  13. iltarion

    I am confused.

    All I can say is that if an apology gets this many comments, then apologies should happen more often.

  14. Justinfig

    Ewolf is a closet homo. Pussy hated him so much cause of his tator tot sized dick, it seems he now he hates it back. Either way eastin is a dumb dyke too. Fuck u all.

  15. Cuban

    Noone needs a fucking apology, it was a fucking joke. When some1 makes a joke about women not being able to do somethin and they get all up in arms, but throw the word divorce out there and see how empowered they, then they cant do shit on their own and they need all your support


  16. Cuban

    People you do not have a right to not b offended if u dont enjoy it move the fuck on, just because u werent entertained i might have been, wut the fuck gives u the right to ruin it for some1 else

    I dont call the radio station and tell them to stop playing shitty music, i just stop listening to that shitty music

  17. Darrin

    Good Lord, it was humor. Bad humor, but nonetheless. If I have a website I’ll say whatever the hell I want to, and anyone that disagrees or takes offense is free to never read my stuff again.

  18. FerdaPack56

    I think something that is being lost in this whole debate is the intent of the Total Packers website. It is not a serious journalistic outlet with big corporate paid sponsors. It is a fans view of media and Monty puts things into a context like a normal fan sitting at a bar would. I love the site and the whole reason i check it everyday is i don’t have to read same old formalized cliched articles. I actually read the articles rather than skimming because something in it is going to make me laugh. The texting during the game comment set me off. No Apology needed. If you dont like total packers go start a feminist packers blog somewhere else. And tell anyone that doesn’t like your site to F off… the inter-web is big enough for all tastes.

    • Harry Hood

      It is a fans view of media and Monty puts things into a context like a normal fan sitting at a bar would. I love the site and the whole reason i check it everyday is i don’t have to read same old formalized cliched articles. I actually read the articles rather than skimming because something in it is going to make me laugh.
      That is EXACTLY why I come here too. There is no such thing as an insensitive joke. This is 2012.

  19. Gloria Steinem


    Don’t forget that we feminists have absolutely no sense of humor, and along with other designated victim groups, are looking for one mis-spoken word so we can take offense, and either sue someone or destroy their character and livelihood. Just following the time-honored tradition of attacking every element of western culture, and taking our cues from the Frankfurt Group, Saul Alinksky and from Comrade Obama. Other than that, we’re pretty nice.

  20. Gloria Steinem

    By the way, as Comrade Stalin once said, “Ideas are more dangerous than guns. We don’t let our enemies have guns, so why would we let them have ideas?” Don’t get any funny ideas that you have a constitutional right to free speech. The right not to be offended trumps all other rights. I double checked international law, including laws from such luminous nations as Chinea, Syria, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and I think I’m right on this one.


    Hey Farha, do you think the nice girl at Chick Fil-A got offended by the man who told her she shouldn’t be working at an evil company? It probably doesn’t fit the narrative, though, so it’s not the same thing.

  22. Mike McMack, defense attorney

    By the way, Farah, what are you doing after the blog? You wanna go out and get something to eat?

  23. Harry Hood

    Bottom line: You apparently like to think of yourself as a Packers version of Deadspin. But you’re actually neither that talented of a writer, nor as funny as your inflated ego has led you to believe.
    Monty, don’t believe a word of this garbage from that other article. Nobody can write a biased Packer article like you!

  24. RodgerDat

    From all the Real fans of TOTALPACKERS.COM, I say don’t let this bullshit be a roadblock or a reason to change anything. The site is awesome and I love it for what it is and that’s why it has grown like it has. Don’t change shit, haters gonna hate. Let them clean the sand out of their own cunts, this is the FUCKING internet not a god damn corporate owned media outlet.

    Like the great Ice Cube said,
    “do ya thang man, fuck what they lookin at”

  25. the real jeff ircink

    an apology is rare from TP – matter of fact, i don’t remember ever seeing one. and TP continues to let someone post comments using my real name so i find this “apology” empty. i only wish i could’ve read the original post.

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