Daniel Muir Packers’ Best Offseason Acquisition?

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Daniel Muir

In the space of a couple hours on Tuesday, both the Press Gazette and Journal Sentinel had stories singling out Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Daniel Muir for his play so far in camp.

So Daniel Muir is playing pretty well, huh? He may even be a better pass rusher than his half career sack suggests.

“He’s a big, powerful guy,” defensive coordinator Dom Capers said Tuesday. “But some of those guys you see, they can’t rush. I don’t think that’s the case with Daniel. He does give you some rush, brings some tempo and intensity to the group.”

Muir appears to have a job as B.J. Raji‘s backup locked up. And here’s what you won’t hear elsewhere. The fact that a guy who was cut by two teams last season already has a roster spot sewn up tells you something else — the Packers many offseason acquisitions on the defensive line pretty much suck balls thus far.

The big signing, Anthony Hargrove, hasn’t shown anything and will be lucky to make the team. Former second-round pick Phillip Merling has shown flashes here and there, but has otherwise lived up to his bust label. Rookies Jerel Worthy and Mike Daniels, the supposed saviors of the pass rush? Nowhere to be found.

Former seventh-round pick C.J. Wilson has been starting at defensive end. Muir has stood out more than the other guys we just mentioned. While Worthy and Daniels will hopefully figure it out at some point, right now, the Packers defensive line still looks like a weakness.

Congrats to Muir for playing his way onto the team, but if he remains the Packers top backup defensive lineman, the defense is in trouble.

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5 Comments on "Daniel Muir Packers’ Best Offseason Acquisition?"

  1. E. Wolf

    You guys are doing a better job than the radio programs I am listening to, who talk ad infinitum about Graham Harrell.
    This (that none of the defensive line players show promise) does not bode well.

  2. AZ Pack

    Agreed… Worthy will be a stud for us. He just needs a little time. We addressed the OLB, Safety/ CB, and DT/ DE positions in this offseason. It takes awhile for players to be able to perform as a cohesive unit after coming from different backgrounds/ techniques. There are too many fans that are worried about the defense right now. They need a little time and they’ll be good again.

  3. iltarion

    Monty is so negative. It is sort of like coming home to the wife.

    It is POSSIBLE that CJ Wilson just had a bad year last year and has finally raised his game. He was expected to replace Jenkins last season and no showed, but he has been very good in the preseason.

    It was Joe Thomas that Wilson beat on that first play from scrimmage to help cause the fumble. Watch the tape.

    Just because Wilson has picked it up instead of Worthy or Daniels doesn’t mean that those guys suck.

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