Anthony Levine Ahead of Jerron McMillian

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Anthony Levine

If Monday’s practice is any indication, fourth-round pick Jerron McMillian is still a long way away from the Green Bay Packers starting lineup. With M.D. Jennings out, Anthony Levine took the reps with the Packers No. 1 nickel defense at safety.

In the package, Charles Woodson moves to the slot cornerback position and Jennings played safety alongside Morgan Burnett. McMillian was supposed to challenge for that spot, but apparently hasn’t caught the coaches’ eye.

That’s not terribly surprising. McMillian played his college ball at Maine, which isn’t exactly the highest level of competition. He’s likely to take a little time to adjust to the NFL — much like Levine.

Levine has been on the Packers practice squad the past two seasons and the coaches seemed to like his play against San Diego.

“I thought Anthony Levine played very well in the San Diego (preseason) game,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. “I’d like to see him stack the success that he had of last week, but Anthony’s been with us for some time and showed a lot of range, a lot of athletic ability, and he’s doing a nice job.”

There’s still a lot of training camp left, so things could change. But at least for now, McMillian doesn’t look ready for prime time.

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6 Comments on "Anthony Levine Ahead of Jerron McMillian"

  1. The defensive backs look bad. Third down and long looks like an automatic first down when the other team passes.TTand MM cant expect rookies to be veterans.Do we have coaches that can coach these guys up? I wonder.If we do not score 30 or more a game we will be in trouble.

  2. iltarion

    Win games, win games, win games… Yeah, VJ, same ole, same ole.

    This is more bad news regarding the Packer’s rookies. The only “new” player who has really shined was House, and now he’s injured.

    They might have to consider leaving Woodson at safety full time. I would rather have two outta three vulnerable corners in the nickel rather than a vulnerable corner and vulnerable safety.

  3. Asimov

    This year’s draft class for safeties was incredibly weak, and this guy was our second 4th round choice. I would be hesitant to say that it was expected for him to compete to start anymore than Anthony Levine would be.

  4. DevilDon

    Ya bunch of negative nancys. We knew we didn’t draft the second coming of Nick Collins didn’t we? Give the guy a bit in camp. He’s a rookie! Also, you read it here… keep an eye on Richardson, he’ll make some plays at some point this season.

  5. john

    It is amazing how negative most of the comments in here are. Get some valium guys, we’re in for a great ride

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