Vikings Rookie Taunts Packers Fan

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Josh Robinson's note

Add rookie cornerback Josh Robinson to the list of Minnesota Vikings dirtbags.

Robinson has already got into the spirit of the rivalry by taunting a Green Bay Packers fan who had the logo stuck on his truck window. Robinson, who we’re surprised can write, left the fan a note.

It reads: “I’m sure this is a Packers fan and I hate the Packers!!! SKOL Vikings!”

Good job. What was your first clue the vehicle belonged to a Packers fan?

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12 Comments on "Vikings Rookie Taunts Packers Fan"

  1. BerryJS

    Way to go Josh! I am so proud of, using your big boy words like that. This is the NFL, and you had better learn to talk better shit than that or is going to be long season for you chasing Jordy screaming “I don’t like you” as he glides in for another 6.

    • mike hunt

      the note says “…I don’t like the Packers,” not “…I hate the Packers” you ignorant monkey. It appears to be a playful gesture. he doesn’t use profanity, he doesn’t show any ill-will, and he even leaves an autograph. Whoever wrote this, are you an idiot?

  2. Pack Lethal

    Now that’s profesionalism! I remember back in 7th grade when it was cool and funny to leave notes of that nature on peoples vehicles.

  3. E. Wolf

    The photo makes it look like the oval g is in black and white. i have to assume its a Packers g, and not the red white and black g.

  4. SKOL

    LOL! First of all, the note doesn’t read that he “hates” packers fans, as you wrote. It reads that he doesn’t “like” you. Way to fan a non fire. haha Why are you so upset that a Vikings player left a packer fan a note on his car in the spirit of good old football rivalry. I would think it was cool if an NFL player left a harmless rivalry note on my car. People bitch that these “stars” are out of touch, then when they do something harmless like this, you cry about it and try to make fun of them. cracks me up with how you get so upset over stupid crap like this, all the time. Good luck this year boys. You have a great franchise to be proud of! Don’t tarnish their hard work with petty posts like this….good lord.

  5. Madcity Packer Fan

    I HATE the GAY Vikings and this assclown! This should be the expected reaction! All Queen fans who post on here please remember your team is the worst in the NFC North and up there to be the worst in the entire league. I think it’s low class to leave a note for a fan like that…our message will be delivered when we beat the Vikings this season.

    • nurseratchett

      Madcity–Vikings merely the worst team in the NFC? You’re feeling generous today! I predict a near last place finish in the NFL….again….this season!

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