Oh Really? Brett Favre Played For the Money

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Brett Favre

I let this nugget languish in the ether because I thought to myself, “Well, what if Brett Favre turns up at the Packers Hall of Fame Induction Banquet to see the guy who made him — Mike Holmgren — get enshrined on Saturday night? What if he sneaks in under the radar in complete non-Brett Favre diva fashion to pay the proper respect. Wouldn’t that be redeeming in some way?”

Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, Favre sent Holmgren a text congratulating him on his induction. It probably said something like this: “Without me you would have been nothing, but good job anyway. Here’s a photo for your special night [insert dick pic].”

Last week, Favre admitted he played his final, putrid season with the shit stains that are the Minnesota Vikings because he wanted the money.

“First of all, the money was too good,” Favre told Deion Sanders on NFL Network. “The money was too good, and I hate to say it’s about money. But, you know, I felt the money was a lot.”

Oh. So it was about the money then? Always doing things for the right reasons, that guy!

Favre went on to say he knew the team wasn’t going to be successful.

“Now, that’s not to say I didn’t give my all,” Favre said. “It just wasn’t to be, and I think I knew that. I really know it now.”

Well you should know it now, by God. Here’s what Captain Awesome did in his final NFL season other than collecting $16.5 million — 2,509 yards, 11 TDs, 19 picks, 6-10 record, consecutive-games streak down the shitter.

Good job by all involved.

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14 Comments on "Oh Really? Brett Favre Played For the Money"

  1. David

    It was a lot of money. I couldn’t believe the amount his agent extorted out of Chilly.

    And I figured if it didn’t work out that would be the end of him. In the end.. he had TJax and Webb… so it’s not like he had an actual choice.

  2. Ben

    If any professional athlete tells you they don’t play for the money their lying. Just look at Drew Bress holdout over less than 1 million per year. And Peyton Manning choosing the team that would pay him the most. Get over your hatred of Brett Favre…

  3. Ger

    I didn’t care at all when he went to the jets. I hated him when he went to the queens. I didn’t care when he retired. It’s over, let it go.

    I did laugh my ass off at his last Divisional game…

  4. Abe Frohman

    step 1 of the image reclamation project: say it was about the money – NOT about “sticking it to the Packers twice a year”

  5. iltarion

    Considering the Vikings almost made the Super Bowl the previous year, I’m not sure how Brent “knew” it wasn’t going to work out the following year.

    I think it had every possibility of working out if Brent would have actually played half way decent.

    But since the pathetic Vikes had nothing better to spend $16 mil on, then why not?

  6. jtru

    ahaha gimme a break. better than not playing for money when packers tried to pay him to do just that. hes prob taking the HS coaching job for money too.

  7. Pack Lethal

    The HS coaching job is a cover, he’s really there to send dick texts to the cheerleaders. To Brent that’s worth it’s weight in gold.

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