Jay Cutler Singing: As Bad As You’d Expect [Video]

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Jay Cutler singing

The Chicago Cubs, the Minnesota Vikings of MLB, brought out the locals’ favorite mouth breather to sing “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” on Saturday.

As you would expect, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was terrible. A performance worthy of the second half of an NFC Championship game, you might say.

Shoulda faked an injury and stood on the sideline, Jay.

(Via Sportsgrid)

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6 Comments on "Jay Cutler Singing: As Bad As You’d Expect [Video]"

  1. B-rad

    Now I see why he still plays quarterback. He has no other marketable skills. That is, unless Walmart is exclusively hiring mouth breathers now.

  2. therealChuckywasCecil

    another uninspiring, unenthusiastic, flat performance. I’m sure Cub fans were thrilled.

  3. frozenfanatic84

    Wow…who on Jay’s management team thought this would be a positive PR move? How embarrassing!

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