Jay Cutler Is Now Better Than Aaron Rodgers

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Earl Bennett

You’re gonna love this one.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is better than Green Bay Packers quarterback, NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion Aaron Rodgers. How do we know this?

Well, Bears receiver Earl Bennett, who’s also a former Vanderbilt teammate of Cutler’s, said so. And as you know, Earl Bennett, who had the overwhelming total of 381 receiving yards last season, is the ultimate authority on quarterback play.

“We have the top running back arguably in the league, top quarterback, the receiving corp is deep,” Bennett told Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on SiriusXM NFL radio Monday.

Schein asked Bennett if his comment meant he thought Cutler was better than Rodgers.

“Of course,” he replied.


Let’s be honest. Nothing Bennett’s stupid mouth uttered in that first sentence is correct.

Best running back? Try Arian FosterAdrian Peterson or maybe even Ray Rice. Best quarterback? Look north. Deep receiving corp? Let’s see, you’ve got Brandon Marshall and a bunch of fourth-stringers. That’s about as deep as the Wolf River is right now.

We think what Bennett meant to say was something like this.


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18 Comments on "Jay Cutler Is Now Better Than Aaron Rodgers"

  1. Pack Lethal

    He probably thinks the sun orbits the earth too. Breath through your nostrils Bennett, it might help you rationalize.

  2. firefightinpackfan

    I guess he has to say something positive about the guy that’s gonna be chunkin him the rock but COMON MAN!!!!! Reeeellllyy We got the best QB in the bizzness don’t be jealous it shows..GO PACK. GO

  3. frozenfanatic84

    Well Cutler did win MVP of the league last season and was voted the #1 overall player regardless of position by his peers afterall! right? LOL. Maybe one day if Cutler wins a Superbowl, the League MVP, and then Rodgers goes 6/14 for 80 yards and an interception in an NFC championship game against the Bears then maybe…just maybe…you might be able to open your mouth again without embarrassing yourself…get a clue Bennett!!!

  4. Slevin

    What was he supposed to say? No? That’s idiotic to think he would say otherwise. Written by a true idiot.

  5. GreenAndYellow

    this comment, which is stupid beyond words, is in the same vein as what you hear in chicago virtually every single year throughout the offseason. living in chicago (im a student and its not entirely by choice, so take it easy please) is nearly impossible to do without developing psychosis because bear fans are the most irrational people ive ever been around.

    every single year, no matter where you go, you are forced to hear about how they’re going to win the super bowl, why their defense is unstoppable, and why their latest addition – no matter how quality (or more likely not) – is the greatest move ever made by a sports team. this year, cutler, marshall, and forte are all the best at their respective positions, hester is gonna blow up cuz of the “hester package”, and their defense definitely isn’t getting old. but above everything, no matter what, they’re waaaaaay better than the packers. its beyond out of control, and clearly, the players are affected by the same disease of distortion

  6. Slevin

    Lol, people blow one comment out of a whole interview out of proportion by a TEAMMATE and Earl Bennett is the idiot?

    • Ivomitonvikingfans

      I don’t think Earl Bennett is “THE” idiot. He is merely one of thousands linked to the Bears.

      GreenAndYellow(sorry for your choice of residence.. at least it’s not Minnesota) sums it up. It’s the complete Bi-polar nature of the Meatball Bears fans that is both maddening and hilarious. In September they are 1985 reincarnated and by mid October they are getting the pitchforks ready for Lovie and the McCaskey’s.

      Keep eating shit Bears fans.

  7. Kevin

    Slevin–are you Earl Bennet’s D? I realize he doesn’t want to say his QB sucks compared to Rodgers, but he could have been realistic about it too. He could have said something like Cutler should be able to put up Rodgers type stats this year (FYI–fat chance that happens with the Bears O-line). More than likely with the age of the Bears defense, they will be playing behind most games and Cutler will be forced to throw it more, which will inflate his stats some–and it means he will throw more ints

  8. G

    The bears are more stacked this year than ever and let’s face it green bay should be take notice. Bennet was just showing his confidence. All players do that this time of year. The bears will win the NFC north like two years ago if they stay healthy. Green bay has a terrible defense. Chicago does not. It ok to be scared green bay, but this story is just plain stupid!

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