Rodgers Wins Something At Guy’s Choice Awards [Photos]

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Those of you who can never have enough award shows will be happy to know this. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers brought home an award at Spike’s Guy’s Choice Awards Monday night… er… Saturday night.

The event took place on Saturday in L.A., but it wasn’t broadcast until last night, so he won it on Saturday and you maybe saw it last night. Got that?

Anyway, he got this big antler trophy — because guys like to shoot animals, you know — for Top Fantasy Leaguer. You can tell by the photo how excited he was.

Actually, the award was presented by Malin Ackerman and Rodgers got to fondle her a little bit when he accepted, so that was probably the highlight of the show.

The real question is, did he bag Ackerman, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis or maybe Chrissy Teigan after the show? We’ll let you speculate on that one. That decision is probably a toss up for us, although we’re leaning towards Stone at the moment.

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10 Comments on "Rodgers Wins Something At Guy’s Choice Awards [Photos]"

  1. iltarion

    Horrible effin trophy. I think you could hang panties on it; that’s about all it would be good for.

    Is that Ackerman in the picture? Wow, she looks good there. It is nice to be the QB.

    Emma Stone is dating Andrew Garfield, which means she obviously doesn’t care for the athletic type. Plus, you don’t fuck with Spider Man.

  2. iltarion

    Oh, and I WANT that sports coat.

    Holy shit. The thighs of the world pretty much open for you when you are wearing that thing.

  3. DD

    Nice coat. Dude definitely chugs cock. Was this award for “Best Squeeling While Taking A Cock Up His Butt”? He is either gayer than AIDS or a closet Tim Tebow.

  4. Donny H.

    Are you mad, bro? Perhaps you’re jealous of Tebow and AR. Understandable since they are HIGHLY coveted by females that you would have no shot of even talking to in real life.

    BTW that is one bad ass looking rack (the trophy, not the er…trophy). Nothing gay about that, my friend, so you are definitely in the .01% holding to that belief.

  5. Vijay

    Ackerman is married, Teigan is engaged (John Legend), so that leaves Stone and Kunis…Mmm, Mmm Good choices.

  6. Pack Lethal

    It takes a whole new level of intelligence for a Viking fan to blog the same exact thing every time an Aaron Rodgers post pops up. There’s nothing like reading a post about your favorite football team and running across a bigot who thinks everyone he’s jealous of is a homosexual. He’s actually like the closet gay dude that kills Lester Burnum in American Beauty.

  7. Darrin

    Aaron Rodgers can pull off wearing pretty much fucking anything. Meanwhile, another Vikings shitbag got arrested at a McDonald’s drive-thru. And all is right with the world….

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