James Jones On Trade Block

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There were rumors the Green Bay Packers were dangling receiver James Jones as trade bait before the draft. It appears he’s still available.

Lance Zierlein of the Houston Chronicle mentioned Jones as a possibility for the Texans when discussing the team’s receivers not named Andre Johnson.

Frankly, trading Jones would make things easy for the Packers, although they’d lose one of their deep threats. Since the team is intent on keeping Donald Driver this season, moving Jones would also make room for one of their practice squad guys — Tori Gurley or Diondre Borel. If the Packers keep six receivers, moving Jones would make room for both.

As we’ve discussed, both promising youngsters are expected to sign elsewhere if they don’t make the Packers active roster.

The problem with trading Jones is another team may balk at his contract. His base salary is $2.3 million this season and $2.95 million next season. That’s not bad for a starting receiver, but Jones has never had more than 700 receiving yards in a season. Some might say that makes him overpaid.

Since there wasn’t much interest in Jones when he was a free agent, there might not be much demand for him in the trade market. That is, until another team loses one of their receivers to injury.

Stay tuned.

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9 Comments on "James Jones On Trade Block"

  1. iltarion

    Big Plays in the NFL

    James Jones = A LOT

    Gurley and Borel = ZERO

    Chicago’s Earl Bennett makes $3.4 million a season.

    Santana Moss just signed a contract for $5 million a season.

    James Jones at $2.3 mil is not overpaid.

    • Harry Hood

      Your right iltation. Never got more than 700 yards in a season? That’ll happen when your team has Jennings and Nelson also.

      The best part about GB’s WR is the depth. Not much drop off from 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5. Lose JJ and your 3,4, 5 is a 2nd year player, a 37 year old and a guy off the practice squad.

  2. Greg

    James Jones is valuable not because of his pretty good production vs. snaps: 700 yard PLUS 7 touchdowns, but because Rodgers verbalized his desire to keep him on the team. Good enough for Rodgers, good enough for me. Although the depth at the position means we could easily let him go

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