Want A Packers Super Bowl XLV Ring?

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Clay Matthews

If you’ve got about $10,000 laying around, you can have your own Green Bay Packers Super Bowl ring. Well, maybe not your own exactly, but someone else’s actual Super Bowl XLV ring.

Actually, it will be yours if you buy it, but it will have someone else’s name on it. You get the drift — the ring is real and for sale.

Anyway, there’s one sitting in a Grand Chute pawn shop right now. Unfortunately — or maybe fortunately, depending on your point of view — it isn’t a player ring.

“It’s not a player’s ring. It’s a staff ring and it fits a female hand,” said Dominic Volpe, one of the managers at the Pawn America pawn shop/retail store in Grand Chute, Wis.

The ring belonged to Sarah Pace, who runs operations for the atrium or something like that. In addition to players and coaches, the Packers gave Super Bowl rings to each of the organization’s full-time employees.

The ring wasn’t pawned, but was sold outright. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but it probably means Sarah isn’t strung out, turning tricks by the river and selling all of her belongings for cash, so that’s good.

The ring is being sold for $9,999 plus 5 percent tax. If anyone wants to buy it for us, maybe we’ll try to use it for an engagement ring someday.

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7 Comments on "Want A Packers Super Bowl XLV Ring?"

    • David


      Wow that was way over the top of what I could have done. Kudos to you… you are man among boys.

      I could have only gone as far as “Jay Cutler is on his way North to get himself the only Super Bowl ring he’ll ever get.” Pales in comparison…

  1. nurseratchett

    WHY WHY WHY would she sell this??? If the pawn shop is asking 10K, they didn’t pay more than $3500. WHY would she sell this piece of history? Any woman who would sell this ring who didn’t do it to pay for a kidney transplant should be ashamed. No, better yet, she should be sold to the ViQueens. Let her sell hot dogs in Minnesota.

    Does anyone know Sarah? If she sold it for fake tits I will have to kick her ass.

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