Packers At Kentucky Derby [Photos]

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Several members of the Green Bay Packers were at the Kentucky Derby this weekend.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers returned for the second year with his mother. He was joined by linebacker A.J. Hawk and his wife and linebacker Clay Matthews, who you’ll notice getting close to skier Lindsey Vonn.

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  1. Hacksaw

    DD doesn’t want Rodgers to have a girlfriend. That’s what obsessed gay dudes do. Maybe DD will choke on his own sperm watching Christian Ponder highlights, just sayin’.

  2. iltarion

    Not sure why A-Rodge is in two different suits in these pictures. Love the white suit with the pink tie though.

    AJ looks much better with his hair cut.

    Clay and Vonn both look like a million bucks.

    If they would have taken some race advice from me, they all would have made some money.

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