Johnny Jolly Is A Free Man!

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Johnny Jolly

Lock up your medicine cabinet! Former Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly is on the street again.

Jolly was granted shock probation today after serving six months of a six-year sentence for codeine possession. Jolly will be on probation for 10 years and have to perform 200 hours of community service.

Shock probation is available to first-time offenders and allows them to be released early after experiencing the shock and trauma of jail.

So, does this mean Jolly will get to play in the NFL again? Well, they let Michael Vick put on a uniform again, so it could happen. As far as we know, the Packers still own Jolly’s rights.

That being said, we’d be real surprised if he showed up on a football field this season.

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9 Comments on "Johnny Jolly Is A Free Man!"

  1. David

    Restructure his contract… he’s not allowed to live in Houston and must live in Wisconsin… no lower than the northern border of Milwaukee Co.

    Let him play with the condition that he has a 24 nanny from now until the end of the season.

    Once the season ends… monthly surprise checks… and he doesn’t know when, where or what they will test.

    2 to 4 days (urine)
    up to 90 days (hair)
    12 hours (blood)

  2. Vijay

    He would make our line dominant if he didn’t get lose too much weight from being in prison…kind of sucks the life out of you (someone I know told me).

  3. SoTxPhil

    Being in a Tx prison for 6 mos should be enough to scare him straight. I don’t consider his offense anywhere near what Vick did, so I don’t know why the Commish. would keep him on suspension. Of course, the Packers might not want to take a chance on him, but football-wise, how could it hurt our D-Line?

  4. april oneil

    I think we should pick him up when he walks out of the front doors and give him a big hug. Then ask him to teach little boys and girls in the local area what he did and why it is wrong to get caught doing that..

    Go Pack Go

  5. Ivomitonvikingfans

    Shit, 10 min. in a TX prison would scare me straight. I hope he can get himself to a better place in life. Seems like a decent guy who needs better friends and surroundings.

  6. Pat

    The problem is there is probably no way he could pass a physical right now. I highly doubt we will see him back. Sure would be nice though, I still remember his interception.

  7. Savage57

    If Johnny Jolly is going to get a chance to play in the NFL again, I really do hope that the leadership of the NFL and the Pack make any opportunity conditional on his going back to Green Bay and requiring him to live there full time.

    I am pretty sure the folks in Titletown thought that Purple Drank was a southern euphemism for grape soda before the JJ story came out.

    A safer place for him to live, work and play. Someone take him snowmobiling and ice fishing in the off-season.

  8. tequila

    If he didn’t find Jesus in prison he surely was thinking about getting back on the field with the Packers. Dude needed something to live for.

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