Latest Favre Arrested: Dylan

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Dylan Favre

That Favre clan just can’t stay out of trouble.

You’ve got former Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre whipping his dick around all over the place. You’ve got his unmarried daughter Brittany Favre getting knocked up before she can legally drink. Then there’s the Favres who like to do illegal shit.

Brett’s sister Brandi Favre was arrested in January 2011 for some sort of drug activity — meth, or hillbilly heroin, to be exact. Now, Brett’s nephew Dylan Favre has been arrested for possession and intent to distribute weed.

The Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department arrested 20-year-old Dylan Dewayne Favre at 12:43 a.m. today on a charge of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, said Chief Deputy Shane Tucker.

Tucker said the arrest occurred after a traffic stop at the corner of Mississippi 11 and West North Street in Poplarville. An officer smelled marijuana from the vehicle, and deputies found marijuana and paraphernalia-type items, he said.

Dylan was a prolific high school quarterback who originally played at Mississippi State. He left the program in December and transfered to Pearl River Community College.

The seems like a step back to us. This could probably be considered another one.

(Via The Big Lead)

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  1. DD

    That’s not as bad as the inevitbale headline: “Rodgers Arrested for Soliciting Butt Sex from Male Prostitute.” Cuz he chugs cock… Or at least he looks like he does.

    • Hacksaw

      Again DD, this is an NFL football blog site not a gay fantasy site. Nobody wants to hear what you want to do to Rodgers in a bedroom. Besides your not his type, you lack breasts and a vagina. You do sound like a little pussy though so I can give you that one. So DD give it a rest and go eat what you are, I heard you can buy donkey cock in Chinatown, NY.

  2. DevilDon

    So you know what you’re “looking” for when it comes to male to male sex DD? Seems you have an eye on the prize. Don’t sweat it, we all have sexual fantasies, yours just are a little off center shall we “shay” lol. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  3. Vijay

    His middle name is ‘Dewayne’…did I read that right? Sheesh, people in the South need to get some better (or less humorous) middle names!

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