Joe Flacco Is The Best!

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Joe Flacco

Never mind Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is the best quarterback in the NFL. At least, according to Joe Flacco.

On Tuesday Flacco told a Baltimore radio station just that.

“I assume everybody thinks they’re a top-five quarterback,” Flacco said when asked where he thinks he ranks among NFL quarterbacks. “I mean, I think I’m the best. I don’t think I’m top five, I think I’m the best. I don’t think I’d be very successful at my job if I didn’t feel that way. I mean, c’mon? That’s not really too tough of a question.

“That doesn’t mean that things are going to work out that way. It just means that’s the way it is — that’s the way I feel that it is and that’s the way I feel it should be.”

Flacco threw for 3,610 yards, 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in 2011. He had a rating of 80.9. He’s never been to a Pro Bowl or made an All-Pro team.

That’s top notch.

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11 Comments on "Joe Flacco Is The Best!"

  1. iltarion

    I looked into it for 2 seconds and confirmed that Flacco is NOT the best.

    Perhaps he meant the best at eating hotdogs. I don’t know.

    There is a difference between being confident and being delusional.

    Players should leave the ranking of themselves to the media and fans. Just play ball and let that do the talking.

  2. KJ

    according to Jason Smith over at, Eli Manning is the best. yeah, the best. then Brady, Rothlisberger(!!!), Brees, THEN RODGERS. Flacco’s comments don’t even bother me compared to that ranking.

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