Who Wants A Brett Favre Leg Lamp?

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Brett Favre Leg Lamp

Sure as hell not anyone I know, but we’re certain there is some nutjob out there that would love to have this Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre leg lamp.

You know, it’s like the lamp from A Christmas Story, except, well, it’s a dude’s leg and that dude happens to be Brett Favre. So, for most of us (i.e. anyone who isn’t mouth-breathing, fecal freak Minnesota Vikings fan) the whole sexiness aspect is missing. Oh, and any semblance or reminder of class, which, again, means nothing to a Vikings fan.

We’re told this bad boy was available on Blu Dot Swap Meet, an online swap meet that lets people swap all kinds of hideous crap. We have no evidence that anyone actually swapped anything for it. However, we do have the listing description thanks to The Score.

This beautiful 45-inch full size leg lamp has the authentic look of the hall-of-fame Brett Favre. This leg lamp has a sleek attractive curve and design right down to his rib side insert pants. It also show cases a custom painted lamp shade, and one black athletic shoe. This homemade lamp is sure to be the center piece of any front room window at Blu Dot. The lampshade does light up, this “Fragile” item will not be shipped in a large wooden crate:-)

That’s right! The authentic look of Brett Favre! If only there was a really small penis with an overgrown bush at the top of the leg, it would be really damn authentic then, wouldn’t it?

Either way, we’re sure this would add a nice flare to any Minnesota Vikings fan’s home. Someone really should mass produce these so all those cousin fuckers can have one.

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  1. Jeff Ircink

    Does it have a dick? If so, I, the real official Jeff Ircink, want to buy this lamp and suck it hard all day. God, Brett Favre makes my seepy anus wet.

    If anyone can find out if this has a dick included, and maybe some specs on girth and hardness/flop ratios, then please please please let me know!

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