Pearls Of Wisdom From Brett Favre

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Brett Favre

If there’s any man you want to take advice from, it’s former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre. If there’s any place you want to hear some homespun wisdom from, it’s from Brett Favre. If there’s any source of random musings on life that can make your life better, that source is Brett Favre.

So what are we going to do? We’re going to bring you Brett Favre’s pearls of wisdom straight from his Twitter feed. Favre appeared on Twitter last week… twice. There was some confusion as to which account was the real Favre, but that mystery has been solved. The ol’ gunslinger now has a verified account.

Thank our lucky stars for that!

Here’s the best of Favre, thus far.

You mean affect, right Brett? It’s okay. You took a lot of shots to the head.

Please pay attention to me!

Aww shucks! He sure is!

Do you know that? Do you know how much everyone loved it? You should come back again!

It’s not hard to stick it to them and their fans if you don’t get your way though, is it?

No. They’re not.

That’s because they’re old and no longer have any talent. Right?

Hooooooo! Can’t even touch this one!

Sure it is, Brett. Sure it is.


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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

30 Comments on "Pearls Of Wisdom From Brett Favre"

  1. Bonnie

    I don’t think you have the correct twitter account. This one is a fake. The real one has the word official in it.

  2. jeff ircink

    what bunch of idiots. haha – i am dying over here. more news on Favre on this site and yet, no blog post on the biggest story currently in the NFL. losers. hackjob – keep your little smokey to yourself (or share it with PackFuckInFL). keep me out of your little tryst.

  3. jeff ircink

    maybe you geniuses should spend more time figuring out how you lost in the first round of the playoffs this past season and less time scoping out Favre’s twitter account. make sense? probably not to you Einsteins.

  4. Hacksaw

    Man, this Jeff Ircink chick has some insecurity issues. Who goes on an opponents web site, talks all types of shit, and then blows up on everyone that makes fun of her. Maybe she wasn’t able to pick up her prozac prescription this month due to her welfare check being late. We should pity this poor girl instead of picking on her, but where’s the fun in that.

  5. jeff ircink

    not defending anyone, PackerFuck. i think it’s funny that TP blogs about a hacked twitter account that spouts tweets made by an imposter. and Hacksaw, don’t worry about me, i can take your shit. it’s the low IQ’s i can’t handle….

  6. jeff ircink

    …and Hackie….as i’ve said a zillion times, if TP would quit posting about a QB that it hates and doesn’t play for the Pack anymore, i wouldn’t be here either.

  7. Hacksaw

    I think the Favre posts are hilarious, I don’t hate him but I agree he’s muddied his name. When somebody is a buffoon they become the butt end of a joke. Whoever takes offense in that is way too emotionally attatched. That’s what women usually do. I think Favre is a big buffoon fucking deal with it. Go Pack!

  8. jeff ircink

    muddied his name? perhaps. “buffoon”? to some. i don’t take offense, Hacksaw. people are entitled to their opinion, i get that. i don’t get a website that continue to cover Favre after he’s left. a website that can’t stand the man. THAT’s my deal.

  9. Hacksaw

    Take what they say with a grain of salt. Journalism is all about getting reactions, your reactions are fueling their fire. I think these guys are just joking around anyway, don’t let it get to you.

  10. Hacksaw don’t waste your time on Yerns4Dick, he is here to raise awareness 4 his cause of making it legal for NFL players to publicly text there cocks. I keep asking this waste of shit about his vikings to demonstrate he is a bandwagon riding fraud and quit paying attention to those sheep fuckers (the vikings) the day after favre left..but he avoids the issue as if we asked him who pounded his ass on friday night.

  11. Hacksaw

    I don’t see the point in being a fan of one person, AKA Brent Favre. I have and always will be a Green Bay Packer fan. Living in the Twin Shities and dealing with mouth breather Viking fans solidifies my despise for Minnesota asshats. Bears fans can go to hell too.

  12. Yerns4Dick defend your vikings tell us how the rebuilding is going, truth is you have no clue you are a desolate dolt without a team just a small dick and to much time on the internet to bitch about it!

  13. jeff ircink

    (did i hear someone named PackerFuck?) hahA, asshole! wrong – i’m cheering for the Vikings again this year. but – maybe i’ll root for the the Vikes and the Pack. YEAH! cause…i can do whatever i want – asshole. go find a hole and crawl in it, you big dummy.

  14. jeff ircink

    never said for sure i’d follow the pack, dumbfuck. can’t you read? i said “maybe”. but most likely not. moron.

  15. jeff ircink

    what in the hell are you sucking on, PackerFuck????? do the world a favor and keep the sordid details of your private life to yourself.

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