Packers Sign Jeff Saturday

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Jeff Saturday

The Green Bay Packers have found center Scott Wells‘ replacement. The team signed veteran Jeff Saturday, who was formerly with the Indianapolis Colts.

The deal is for two years.

In Saturday, the Packers get a solid veteran who probably doesn’t have too many years left. He’s 36, but he’s proven to be durable. Saturday has only missed four games in the past seven seasons. He’s also proven to be good, making five Pro Bowls in his career.

Saturday is the first free agent from another team GM Ted Thompson has signed in two years. The Packers beat out Denver and Tennessee for his services.

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31 Comments on "Packers Sign Jeff Saturday"

  1. AZPack

    Nice pick up… Probably at a good price too. Now, let’s do some trading up in the draft and get a stud Dlineman, draft another awesome OLB, and get rid of AJ.

    • jeremy

      There is a TON of value in the second round in this years draft. I won’t be surprised if Ted finds a way to draft three players there.

  2. Chuck

    Talk about the PERFECT pickup to have our center of the future to learn from. Draft a kid this year and let him learn from the all pro all class Saturday.

  3. FrozenFanatic84

    Great job Ted! I was worried that we would have to use our #1 pick on a Center! Saturday will bring leadership and experience to a very talented O-line! Go Pack Go!!!


    To all packer fans!!!

    To me this free agency is dumb!!! To me Green Bay should have signed Scott Wells because he was at least 6 years younger and had been with Green Bay all his career!!!

    Certainly, Green Bay got a center but to me disappointing in the fact that TT did not seem to appreciate a true talent in Scott Wells.

    To me still over paying of certain players on roster should take a pay cut for their performances!!!

    I think this is not good for Green Bay since the competition has signed other younger talent!!!


    • Kristofer from Oshkosh

      Do you even know what you are talking about? Its not that the Pack didn’t want Scott Wells; Wells wanted too much payment for his services and there are salary cap issues. If the Packers could choose between Jeff Saturday and Scott Wells, and money wasn’t a factor- The Pack would rather have Wells. No need to be so dissappointed, it’s the nature of the business.

  5. Vijay

    Thinking more and more about this…it’s a great signing if he can remain the healthy player he has been. Smart as anyone in the NFL’s front office and someone that can keep our ‘no huddle’ package in tact. Oh yeah, and we saved $$$ by signing him over Wells. He also adds value in the draft because he provides flexibility to choose BPA instead of drafting someone a little higher to fill ‘a need’ as last year’s Derek Sherrod might have been.

    • Asimov

      Derek Sherrod was projected to be a top-20 pick at tackle. He may look like a reach after last year, but that’s not enough to grade him on. At the time of the draft, Sherrod was a steal at 32.

  6. Reading that headline had me a bit concerned at first I thought signed Jeff Irncink on saturday to write articles? Please don’t packer fans are not interested in sheep fucking and man on man action.

  7. mxz600

    Sherrodd would have been a bust at pick 132….As far as Saturday goes, he’s 36 and a band aid…..He had TT over a barrel. TT better not have given him close to Scott Wells money or i’ll drive to Green Bay and slap “God” right upside the head. TT signed Career back up and out of shape Daniel Muir….sweet….Now the Green Bay Golden Corral is safely still in business. Great FA signing TT…another defensive player who cant make a play, we didnt have enough of those. Daniel Muir in 5 seasons has a grand total of a 1/2 sack. That should fix our pass rush problems….TT = Genius.

    • Vijay

      Couldn’t have ranted better myself if I tried. Hey, TT likes those guys that can eat up space on the line…he’s not a fan of play makers like Jenkins which is why we didn’t re-sign him.

    • peter

      How many pro-bowls teams has Saturday made… how many has wells made… how long did it take wells to make a pro-bowl.. how long did it take saturday

      That is a great signing and an upgrade at center. Saturday was running the line on probably the most complex o in the league.

  8. Vijay

    HEY EVERYONE!!! It’s National sign a Colts re-tread day! We just picked up former Packer Daniel Muir who was a rotational defensive linemen stud with the….wait for it…Colts!

  9. iltarion

    This is what I was hoping for as soon as Wells left town.

    Jeff Saturday will work as the perfect 2 year stand in until we have a young player ready to go. Look for the Pack to use one of its compensatory picks on a center.

    For those wondering if TT gave Saturday money similar to Scott Wells… ah…. you aren’t very smart. Ancient Chinese proverb: better to endure being thought stupid in silence rather than open mouth and remove doubt. ]

    • iltarion

      The Packers were 15-1 without Jenkins.

      They are the favorites to win next year’s Super Bowl.

      You can’t pay everyone. He was over 30 years old and had a habit of being oft-injured. We had 3 cheap and young replacements behind him. Only hindsight tells us those 3 would bomb.

      For Gods sake, get over it.

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