Clay Matthews Has A Depends Commercial [Video]

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Clay Matthews for Depends

This is no joke. Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is in two new commercials for Depends. Yeah, adult diapers, people.

Matthews is joined by Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware and New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker. They try on some diapers and then run around doing football stuff to show, I guess, that anyone can do anything while pissing and shitting themselves.

Seriously though, that stuff is involuntary. It’s not funny.

The guys are apparently wearing diapers to somehow raise money for the Jimmy V Foundation, although we’re not exactly sure how. If it weren’t for that, we might say this is proof Matthews will do a commercial for anything.

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8 Comments on "Clay Matthews Has A Depends Commercial [Video]"

  1. nurseratchett

    I had an instructer in nursing school who made the whole class wear adult diapers during class to give us empathy for what our patients go through in that situation. Anyone who actually — — USED the diaper got bonus points….empathy acheived. This is a riot.

  2. mxz600

    I would assume money that they get for doing the commercial, goes to the Jimmy V Foundation. Good for them i say.

  3. JP Schmoove

    Clay getting ready to be run over by Forte. Makes perfect sense to me. I give him an A for being prepared.

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